Bca Us Dollar Rate

Bca Us Dollar Rate – According to Bloomberg data, at 09:19 WIB, the rupee was at 15,320 rupees per US dollar, or down 30 points (0.2%) from its previous close of 15,290 rupees per US dollar.

Financial market observer Ariston Tjendra said the rupee’s weakening was caused by the issue of China’s economic slowdown and the possibility of a hike in the US benchmark interest rate.

Bca Us Dollar Rate

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Dollar Ke Rupiah Hari Ini, Simak Kurs Di Bca Di Sini

– The slowdown in the Chinese economy and the possibility of a hike in the US benchmark rate are still factors that pushed the rupee against the US dollar earlier this week. “The rupiah has the potential to weaken to IDR 15,330 per US dollar, with potential support around IDR 15,250 per US dollar,” Ariston told Kompas.com.

Meanwhile, referring to Jisdor’s average rate, the rupiah exchange rate on Friday (2023-08-18) stood at IDR 15,308 per US dollar, or stable compared to Thursday’s exchange rate.

This morning, Bank Mandiri set the sell rate at IDR 15,317 per US dollar. The selling rate means that the bank is selling US dollars in this position.

Meanwhile, the buying rate at Bank Mandiri is IDR 15,297 per US dollar. This bid rate means that if you want to sell US dollars, the bank will buy them in this position.

Nilai Tukar Dollar As Rupiah Di Bca Hari Ini Kamis 15 Desember

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JCI strengthens early session in early trade, rupiah weakens to Rp 15,320 per US dollar https:///read/2023/08/21/095051526/ihsg-awal-sesi-menguat-di-awal-perdagangan-rupiah-mesebuah -ke -level-rp-15320 https://asset.kompas.com/crops/HjqyMK-ukGJsMZlkCQmYDZ57ImQ=/0x0:360×240/195×98/data/photo/2022/10/09/6342d7cced568

Rupiah Weakens To Rp 14,620 Per Us Dollar On Monday

Your details will be used to verify your account when you need help or when unusual activity is detected on your account. – The USD exchange rate at BCA today, Wednesday, February 1, at the electronic rate, is IDR 14,976 at today’s opening.

It is worth remembering that there is a difference in the exchange rate of the dollar at BCA against the rupee for buying and selling. The dollar buying exchange rate is used when the bank buys dollars from customers, while the dollar selling rate is used when the bank sells dollars to customers.

The applicable USD to Rupee exchange rate has differences in TT counter level, electronic rate and banknote exchange rate based on BCA official website.

BCA e-Rate is a special rate that can be enjoyed by BCA e-Banking users (KlikBCA Business, KlikBCA Individual, BCA mobile and ATM) when making transfers. KlikBCA individuals and KlikBCA companies can choose 14 foreign currencies when making transactions.

Simak Kurs Rupiah Hari Ini Di Bri Hingga Bca Halaman All

TT Counter is an exchange service (currency) that is carried out directly at bank counters. For those who wish to perform foreign exchange transactions above the equivalent of USD 25,000/month, include documents supporting the transaction, such as invoices, credit agreements, and so on.

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For currency transactions over US$25,000 or equivalent (except MYR and THB currencies) can be done through a BCA cashier, including documents proving the transaction. Documents supporting the transaction in question are invoices, credit agreements and so on. Using widgets on blogs or websites has become a necessity when we want to beautify our blog or website. Nowadays, many websites provide their own widget scripts, and here I will share how to install widgets. Rupee exchange rates (money exchange rates).

A widget developed by Trilogicsoft Indonesia that aims to make it easier for website/blog owners to set the exchange rate of rupiah to foreign currencies. Meanwhile, the foreign currency exchange rate used in this widget uses the BCA bank exchange rate. And the best part is that this widget is always updated. , in accordance with the exchange rate changes implemented by BCA bank. It looks like this, and IDR Exchange Rates is a rupee exchange rate widget from Trilogicsoft that can be customized according to the user’s preferences.

Rupiah Menguat Atas Us Dolar, 4 Pekan Berturut Turut

The appearance is very attractive and can be adjusted based on background color, text and borders. In addition, we can also choose which exchange rate you want to display, so it is not only dollar – rupee (USD) rate, but there are also other exchange rates such as euro – rupee (EUR), yen – rupee (JPY) ) and various exchange rates. other rupees.

So like? Are you ready to do this, , ? I hope this is the best choice among other rupee exchange rate widgets, and if you can’t wait, try it right away. Here are the steps to get the widget:

These are the steps to choose a widget that can be applied to your blog or website. We hope this knowledge helps and good luck trying “CREATIVE GREETINGS” Today’s dollar rate on January 10, 2023 is IDR 15,414 – IDR 15,714 at BCA Bank (as of 08:02 WIB) and IDR 15,375 – IDR 15,725 at Mandiri Bank (as Mandiri Bank) by 09:02:31 WIB).

On Monday (January 9, 2023), the dollar rate at Banco BCA was different, namely Rp. 15,419 – Rp. 15,719, while in Bank Mandiri it was the same, namely Rp. 15,375 – Rp. 15,725.

Bca: Why The Dollar’s Surge, Now Ebbing, Will Resume—after Some Tumult

Forex Options: GBP/USD Suggestion: Buy at DIP Range: 1.21000 – 1.21200 Target 1) 1.21800 Target 2) 1.22400 Stop Loss: 1.20400 Options: Hold/Follow Buy on breaks above 1.22000 Switch/Follow Sell on breaks below 1.20130 (MA 200 daily) Be sure to check the explanation in this article to understand the reasons behind the strategy that can be implemented!

Below is selected Forex news and analysis: GBP/USD today, 10 January 2023, presented by Agrodana Futures:

The low level remained from the Asian session at 1.20860 until the end of the NY session, and then rose to the high level of 1.22080. And closed at 1.21795 level

Technically, the candle managed to close higher and the 1.22400 resistance is about to be tested. If the price manages to break above this level, the possibility of further increases is very potential.

Kartul Tahap Ii

Meanwhile, another positive aspect is related to the price which managed to close above 200 Daily MA and also started to move away.

This should be a positive sign for the pound as for some time now it has always been stuck in the 200 MA range so the upside has always been hindered.

But in addition to needing to surpass 1.22400, fundamental conditions must also be favorable. And unfortunately, so far we have not found any signs of support on the fundamental side for a bullish position.

The trigger for the pound’s rise still revolves around developments taking place outside the UK. The USD weakened and continued to weaken for the second day in a row, the Friday after the NFP and on Monday.

Market Flash: Cadangan Devisa Naik $800 Jt;pemerintah Akan Rilis Global Bond $2m

This could reverse tonight if Powell says something aggressive or even very aggressive.

On the other hand, if Powell hints at doubt or, in other words, is less aggressive, then the dollar will continue to weaken so that the pound has the opportunity to continue to rise.

The British Retail Consortium shows that December 2022 retail data is better than November. The data shows a release of +6.5% y/y, while the previous month was +4.1%.

According to Barclays, pubs, bars and clubs benefit from Christmas parties and football fans watching the World Cup.

The Incomparable Duo Hartono Becomes The Richest Person In Indonesia, Thanks To Bca?

However, Barclays director Harwood said it was important to note that the figures look more positive compared to December 2021, as the spread of Omicron has kept Britons away from high streets and hotels.

In terms of economic data, the UK is relatively quiet this week, with the only impressive statistic being the GDP data due out on Friday.

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Daily: The candlestick closes higher, opening the possibility for further gains as price may close above the MA 200 Daily.

Percantik Blog Dengan Widget Kurs Rupiah

On the downside, a fall below 1.21270 will risk the pound pulling back to get closer to the 200 MA again and currently the 200 MA is at 1.20135.

This means that we do not expect the increase to be stable, especially the dollar strengthening factor that will be determined tonight from Powell’s statement.

The bullish state could change if the dollar strengthens again after Powell’s statement. Meanwhile, the pound is still awaiting GDP data on Friday.

If we assume that it is moving in a double bottom pattern, then we still have hope for a further rise to complete the target of the pattern ie 1.22870.

Kurs Rupiah Terhadap Dollar As Di Bca Hingga Bank Mandiri Terkini

But we also need to pay attention if the fall goes deeper below 1.20500, as it has the possibility to end the uptrend.

On the other hand, the bullish fate will also depend on the movement of the dollar after Powell’s speech tonight, so even if it rises to 1.22800, it still has potential, but tonight we are cautious about the potential for a reversal or push back when Powell speaks!

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Tommy Zhu CFA, CFP®, CWM is a board member of PT Agrodana Futures, an official broker authorized by BAPPEBTI and a member of ICDX and JFX. He has more than 20 years of experience in the investment industry, particularly in the stock and currency markets. He holds a bachelor’s degree in the accounting department of UBAYA and has become a financial professional with international standard knowledge, holding CFA, CFP and CWM certificates.

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