Economic Calendar United States

Economic Calendar United States – It doesn’t matter whether you use technical analysis or fundamental analysis when trading the global financial markets, reference and use of the economic calendar is essential to any successful trading strategy. |

The financial calendar is a useful tool for traders because it shows when certain events occur and can influence them in their trading decisions. By understanding the monthly and yearly events that occur in the global economy, traders can use them as indicators to buy or sell financial assets.

Economic Calendar United States

The Economic Calendar highlights major national and international events that can affect global financial and financial markets and asset prices and real-time trends. A calendar of upcoming economic events can affect all financial markets, including forex, stocks, indices, commodities and bonds.

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No matter what time frame you trade or how active you are, it will be important for you to keep an eye on the financial calendars. Even if you are a long-term forex investor, it will be in your best interest to be aware of the most important financial expenses, their expectations and the final print.

If you are trading the forex market, knowing how to correctly read the forex economic calendar is crucial to the success of your trading journey. To reduce your chances of success in the forex market, you should monitor the most important publications and international events in the forex calendar and start your day by checking it every morning.

Economic Calendar The economic calendar will by default show all the economic news and events happening around the world. You can customize the time period you want to review by selecting “today”, “tomorrow”, “this week”, “next week” or by using the calendar button to select a custom date range.

As you scroll through the calendar, you can see the name of each event, the date, and the time zone where the event takes place in GMT. The calendar table displays volatility, actual, consensus, and past data for each event, and clicking on the event provides charts of actual and deviation, true range, and volatility ratio economic data.

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If you want to dive deeper into a specific economic event, category or even group of countries, learning the filter function will save you a lot of time and help you find important data that will help your business.

The keyword search bar can be used to search the world markets for a specific query, for example searching for ‘inflation’ will highlight all countries with CPI events.

The Country section allows you to select from 43 countries and only shows economic events occurring in your selected country. Include any number of countries you want to search and filter the results

Use the Volatility slider to select from 4 different levels of volatility including Undesired Volatility, Low Expected Volatility, Expected Medium Volatility, and High Volatility.

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The last feature that allows you to customize the economy calendar and make it more profitable is the category selection feature. By selecting one or more of 12 categories, you can filter the major economic events that will affect the technical analysis and fundamental analysis you prepare for future trading.

Here we will dive into an example if we want to trade the AUD/USD currency pair Next week we want to look specifically at news from Australia and the US Follow the steps below to get accurate results

Each of the following announcements and news events is a big driver of volatility, especially in the forex market Nothing moves the market more than the non-farm payrolls (NFP) data released on the first Friday of each month, which reports on the state of the US labor market. Other economic news with significant implications include central bank interest rate decisions and the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

While it is wise to monitor all major economic announcements, there are certain events that forex traders should pay attention to. These include:

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Leading Indicator: A leading indicator is any measurable or observable variable that seeks to predict trends or changes in future outcomes and events. With a leading indicator, you are essentially trying to predict the future by predicting the timing, duration, and significance of future business and economic trends.

Logging Indicators: Forward indicators are the opposite of reverse indicators, where instead of looking forward, you look back to see if the intended results have been achieved. Using a lagging indicator, you can determine whether a long-term trend or change has occurred in the economy. Logging indicators are generally easy to measure, identify and compare, although one downside is that they can provide important insights too late and there is no time to do anything about them.

The Economic Calendar is a useful resource that really has no downtime Traders of all skill levels can use our free economic calendar to measure indicators of all important events in all markets, forex trading, commodities, indices and more. The main advantages of financial calendar are:

If you actively trade a particular currency pair and review the financial calendar daily, you can see all the events that could cause market volatility for that currency. For example, a forex calendar will allow you to plan ahead in time for NFP reports or US Federal Reserve news releases.

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The calendar provides a macro-economic view of the market Since certain key factors, such as inflation and employment data, influence central banks’ decisions, it helps to prepare for events that could signal these rate hikes.

Risk management is a key trading element that all investors should incorporate into their strategies Excessively volatile market conditions are a risk unto themselves, and the economic calendar provides an opportunity to highlight any upcoming events that could cause this type of volatility. Being aware of these phenomena will allow you to plan your trades accordingly without overcomplicating your trading strategy

Applying a strong exit strategy such as scalping can reduce risk potential This strategy focuses on taking small profits from small price changes when there are potentially big news events that can cause big jumps in the market. So in the event that an upcoming event causes a large swing in the market, you’ve already made a profit.

One of the advantages of the economic calendar is that it greatly increases the understanding of how the global markets work for new investors. Without actively trading, a newcomer to the trading world can monitor calendars and live charts to see which financial events are affecting which markets. Movement studies can give you good insight into a potential market you may want to enter and teach you how to find good entry and exit points.

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Now you understand what the financial calendar does and how to take full advantage of it Start watching upcoming news events and use these three tips to trade the forex market:

The release of major economic data is a bright light for day traders Golden path for dice

A common way day traders can trade large data releases is through breakout levels

With non-farm payrolls data, it’s not uncommon for markets to consolidate or “calm down” in anticipation of a big move.

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At a very basic level, you can see that we have placed a support and resistance line on the chart prior to the announcement

It is not uncommon for markets to act on expectations or information to print a number on expectations or indicators

If you use the keyboard quickly, you may want to enter orders manually as the market violates your key levels.

Swing traders want to trade swings and their objective is to buy weakness and sell strength

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On October 12, the market reached its long-term moving average and turned lower It then rose again until October 15, hitting a double point, bear and overbought. Furthermore, non-purists may point out that there are subtle differences as well

At this stage, the swing trader will focus on these short-term trades and look for any unusual strength to sell.

On a good day, you had the EU Brexit summit, German economic sentiment, European CPI data and the ECB’s dovish speech. There are many publications influencing the market

Therefore, knowing that there may be a false signal, a swing trader may try to set a limit order and then sell the strength as the Eurodollar has declined since late September.

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Chart patterns such as ascending and descending triangles, wedges, pennants, double and triple tops and bottoms are useful for classifying the market you are currently trading.

Suppose the market converges in an ascending triangle, leading to a significant economic output

You may want to expand your key levels, plot breakout levels, and use a financial calendar to identify expectations and consensus for upcoming releases.

At this point your bias continues, but as a technical trader you will be best placed to know what major economic release is coming and how it will play out if the news is positive.

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If it is positive, then

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