Forex News Release

Forex News Release – In this post I will write how to trade Forex News with MT5 Order Management. This is the safest method I know, because pending limit orders are not order types that prevent bad market conditions for order execution (wide spread, price entry, price gap, …)

In the first image below I show how I create my charts for Forex News Strategy trading with the Trading Box tools. I used a withdrawal limit order with risk adjusted option. This can significantly improve the risk reward ratio of a trade, greatly increasing the size but keeping the risk the same. This is actually a type of advanced order for forex trading based on news releases.

Forex News Release

The second image already shows the results of the trade I described above. Here’s how to trade forex on news releases. I was waiting for the news to be released and the demand to create a new order. I then used a pullback limit order to trade a smart order. You can see how the original new orders were the spikes on the news, as the price reacted strongly to the request to open my buy positions at a better price than the original order box price. This trade was executed in MT5 Forex News Trading.

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Below is the full video where I explain how to trade the News Forex Strategy. I explain what trading tools I used for MT5 and how I placed an order in a new demand zone where open orders wait to be executed when prices return to the demand level. Trading Forex News Strategies with TBOM (Trading Box Order Management) is my passion to enjoy trading market. I am really excited about the news of Forex trading with MT5.

The image below shows how to trade Forex news waves and protect your trading account before disaster strikes. You can see I have a big bear candle stuck in my order box but the orders are not filled, I haven’t lost a dime. If I were to use limit orders, this news would cost me a lot of money. This is why news trading can be really dangerous. It is better to wait for the forex news release and then trade as I show in the video above. There was also a spread filter that protected my smart virtual orders before the order was executed, as forex news reporting has a large spread that leads to high costs. I like to enter after a forex news release when the spread normalizes.

The video below is 2 minutes long but teaches an important lesson about how dangerous Forex trading news can be. I like to execute the forex news trading strategy only after the forex news has already been published and the market has corrected to a new area pending order execution. Trade Forex news strategies with extreme caution as it can empty the trading account in a short period of time and all money is lost. Forex trading based on news releases is only for experienced traders who know all the risks of forex news trading. How to trade forex on news releases is still a big challenge for me.

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The Non-Farm Payrolls (NFP) figure is a key economic indicator for the US economy. It represents the number of jobs added excluding farm workers, government employees, private domestic workers and non-profit organization workers.

NFP announcements usually lead to big moves in the forex market. NFP data is usually released on the first Friday of each month at 8:30 AM ET. This article will explain the role of NFP in the economy and how to apply NFP release data to a forex trading strategy.

Brief Note On News Trading

The NFP data is important because it is released monthly, making it a good indicator of the current state of the economy. The data is released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the latest release can be found on the Economic Calendar.

Employment is a very important indicator for the Federal Reserve Bank. When unemployment is high, policymakers adopt expansionary monetary policy (stimulative, with low interest rates). The objective of macroeconomic policy is to increase economic output and increase employment.

Therefore, if the unemployment rate is higher than normal, the economy is considered to be operating below its potential and policymakers will try to stimulate it. An accommodative monetary policy lowers interest rates and reduces the demand for dollars (money flows out of low-yielding currencies). To learn exactly how this works, check out our article on How Interest Rates Affect Forex.

The chart below shows how volatile the NFP has been since the release. The expected NFP result for March 8, 2019 was 180k (job gains), the actual result was disappointing with only 20k jobs. As a result, the dollar index (DXY) declined in value and increased volatility.

Do Press Release Distribution On Yahoo Finance, Apnews, Businessinsider And More By Tania_islam

Forex traders should be wary of data releases like NFP. A sudden spike in volatility can leave traders stranded. When volatility increases, spreads also increase, and increased spreads lead to margin calls.

NFP data is an indicator of US activity, so your currency pairs that include the US dollar ( EUR / USD , USD / JPY , GBP / USD , AUD / USD , USD / CHF and others) are most affected by the data release. .

Other currency pairs also show increased volatility following the release of the NFP and traders should be aware of this as well, as they can be stopped out. The chart below shows CAD/JPY at the time of the NFP data release. As you can see, increased volatility can prevent a trader from holding a position even if he is not trading a currency pair tied to the US dollar.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics usually releases NFP data on the first Friday of each month at 8:30 AM ET. Publication dates can be found on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website.

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Due to the volatile nature of NFP releases, we recommend using a withdrawal strategy rather than an allocation strategy. Using a pullback strategy, traders should wait for a currency pair to bounce back before entering a trade.

Using the same example above (expected NFP results 20k to 180k) we expect the US dollar to fall. In the example below, we use EUR/USD. With NFP data coming in worse than expected, we expect EUR/USD to appreciate.

Recommended by David Bradfield Can you profit from NFP data trading? Get NFP Data Tips from My Guide Trading: Top Tips and Further Reading

While NFP usually drives the market, data such as CPI (Inflation), Fed Funds Rate and GDP growth are also important announcements.

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