Forex Penipuan

Forex Penipuan – Friends, you must know how to report a forex scam below. Let’s see how to avoid fraud.

Forex has promising profits making forex trading popular among many groups. The popularity of forex among traders has not escaped the careless hands of irresponsible people.

Forex Penipuan

Smart people use time to gain at the expense of other people. They create various methods that are considered effective to attract the attention of potential victims.

Apa Itu Robot Trading Forex Yang Diblokir Kemendag, Benarkah Penipuan?

The latest method these fraudsters are currently using is to offer forex investment packages under the guise of selling trading robots. Instead of offering and selling eBooks in accordance with the commercial license provided by Bappebti for this website.

“A new situation is offering forex investment packages under the guise of selling trading robots through investment packages using a membership program.” Head of Legislative Procedures and Implementation Office, Bappebti, M. Syist, said on Monday (20/09/21) page

Using this mod, Bappebti was able to block 954 domains from January to August. In fact, from that page, in August alone, the number of sites blocked by Bappebti is 249.

It doesn’t stop there, there are other ways we should be aware of, such as criminals duplicating official forex trading sites and confusing victims about which sites are real and fake and which are profiting from trading licenses.

Pt.trijaya Pratama Futures(tpfx) Yang Mempunyai Izin Dari Bappebti Diduga Tidak Membayar Dana Keuntungan

Syist said criminals can sometimes show proof of their legitimacy in the form of Direct Marketing License (SIUPL), Business License (SIUP) and Business Identification Number (NIB), which are not easy to legally establish. of persons.

“Please note that not only SIUP and NIB, all types of commercial activities require full licenses in accordance with the provisions of the Commercial Sector Rules and Regulations. “For business activities in the PBK sector, we need to obtain a business license from CoFTRA,” he said, on the same page. .

Before we move on to how to report forex fraud, let’s first look at these characteristics of forex fraud. Friends, you know, to check the authenticity of the broker’s website, at least three things can be checked whether it is fraudulent or not. Among others:

If the website offers investment packages instead of offering e-books regulated by CoFTRA, we can confirm that it is a scam.

Mengapa Trading Forex Sulit: Tantangan Dan Kendala Yang

Although the broker offers huge profits and certain profits, it is not ideal, considering the volatility and uncertainty of the business.

Make sure the broker has full authorization from the authorities, which is Bappebti for Indonesia. Be sure to double check by visiting the official CoFTRA website to make sure the broker’s name is on the protected list.

Make sure we don’t get scammed by cloned forex brokers who use the names of famous brokers and use domains similar to the original ones. In addition to the online address, be sure to check the retailer’s offline address as well.

If they are using an unclear or fake address, we can be sure that it is a scam. If you already know the characteristics of fake forex brokers, now is the time to find out how to report forex scams.

Polisi Tangkap Pelaku Investasi Bodong Lucky Star Berkedok Trading Forex

Of course, the victim could have reported the scam to the police immediately to get evidence and take immediate action.

In addition to reporting to the police, you can report fraud online through the Bappebti Complaints website ( or contact Bappebti via phone number (021) 31924744 or (021) 31923204.

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Sejumlah Warga Tanjungpinang Jadi Korban Investasi Forex

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Copyright 2013 – 2023  All Rights Reserved | World Map | Privacy Policy | Editor | Cyber ​​Guides | LegalForex market (foreign exchange) is a global market where currencies of different countries are traded. In this case, there are many advantages and potential benefits, but there is also a risk of fraud to be aware of. This article will provide a comprehensive guide on how to avoid scams in the Forex market with powerful tips that will help you maintain your investment and achieve trading success.

The foreign exchange market is a place where the currencies of different countries are traded and there are often large movements in currency values. However, this great opportunity also attracts the attention of fraudsters who want to take advantage of traders’ ignorance and greed. It is important to understand the fraud risks you may face in forex trading.

Brokers are your gateway to participating in the forex market. Make sure you only deal with trusted brokers who have an order process. Do a thorough research on the broker’s reputation, read reviews from other dealers, and make sure the broker has a valid license.

Cara Mengidentifikasi Dan Menghindari Penipuan Investas

Avoid offers that sound too good to be true, such as get-rich-quick schemes or promises of huge profits in a short period of time. Forex trading is where profit and loss are part of the trading process. Avoid cheating by being honest about what you can afford.

Knowledge is the key to avoiding fraud. Educate yourself on how the forex market works, trading strategies and important indicators. With good knowledge, you can quickly identify suspicious situations.

Trading signals and market analysis can be very useful, but beware of signals that sound too good to be true. Do your own research before making a decision based on these signs.

Before taking action based on news or market information, be sure to verify the source. Fake or incorrect news can lead to bad business decisions.

Awas! Platform Hitam Broker Forex Penipu, Cegah Dengan Cara Ini

Make sure your trading platform is secure and equipped with adequate security features. Do not provide personal information or account details to unauthorized parties.

Investment offers with guaranteed profits are questionable. All investments involve risk, and none can guarantee consistent returns.

All authorized brokers will provide risk information to traders. Be sure to read and understand carefully before starting a business.

Always monitor and review your business history. This helps you identify suspicious activity and take appropriate action.

Hal Hal Yang Cenderung Disembunyikan Tentang Forex Trading

If you think you have been a victim of fraud or suspicious activity, report it to the appropriate authorities immediately. This step will not only protect you, but also help prevent further fraud. Do you want to trade but haven’t found the best Forex Trading Broker? GIC is the right solution for you #AchieveProfit It doesn’t have to be difficult

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GICTrade security is guaranteed. All transactions on this platform are secure and open. Traders and market makers can trade on GIC with confidence. With the collaboration between the two, buying and selling transactions become clearer and more transparent.

GICTrade is a legal and trusted trading platform. All client transactions are reported directly to Jakarta Futures Exchange (BBJ) and Clearing Futures Indonesia (KBI). This process is supervised by BAPPEPTI with license number 407/BAPPEBTI/SI/VII/2004 by PT. Future Trijaya Pratama and P.T. Olu Megah Mandiri (License No. 733/BAPPEBTI/SP/6/2005) as a partner in Indonesia.

Hati Hati! Kenali 5 Modus Penipuan Forex Ini!

What are you waiting for? Join the business with GICTrade that helps you earn extra income and benefits. Access the latest information on Forex only on GIC Journal.

The main risk in forex trading is losing money due to changes in currency values. However, the risk of fraud is still a big risk.

You can protect your account information by making sure your trading platform has strong security, avoiding sharing your personal information with others, and using strong and unique passwords.

If you feel you have been scammed, report it to the appropriate authorities and your broker immediately. Next, check your account for suspicious activity.

Modus Penipuan Forex: Honey Trap!

False signals often promise large profits in a short period of time for no apparent reason. Do your own research and consider signals from different sources.

In the broker’s risk information, find information about market volatility, risk of capital loss and the broker’s policies and restrictions in certain situations.

Avoiding fraud in the Forex market is an important task for every trader. By following the solid tips above, you can protect your investment and conduct business operations with more confidence. Remember that education and caution are the keys to success in the challenging world of forex trading.

A sandwich generation that loves to write and tell stories. Passionate about Forex trading and the world of photography. MAKASSAR, always happy to learn and try new things, – South Sulawesi Prosecutor Movement Team (Tabur) Enrekang together with prosecutor Tabur Team and lawyers working in Makassar Regional Prosecutor’s Office have successfully secured Sulawesi South Prosecutor’s Office. FUGANT” namely 1. A man named SUGITO (Director of PT Chetah Bintang Lima) and 2. On Thursday 25 January 2023 at around 16.00 WITA.

Awas Jebakan Money Game Berkedok Broker Forex

Complainants 1. SUGITO (Director of PT. Chetah Bintang Lima) and 2. A woman RESKI AMALIA binti SUDI (Trader of PT. Chetah Bintang Lima) have been declared fugitives since August 2021. The two judges were with him. . On the asylum seeker list in approximately 1 year (one) and 5 months (five).

Accused SUGITO (Director of PT. Chetah Bintang Lima) and Accused RESKI AMALIA bint SUDI (Trader of PT. Chetah Bintang Lima) jointly committed the crime of defrauding and caused the victim a material loss of Rp. 1,141,900,000.00, – (Rupees One Hundred Forty Nine Million Twenty Two).

Those are the actions of the guilty

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