Forex Trading Disclaimer

Forex Trading Disclaimer – Table of Contents Risk Tolerance… 3 Introduction… 4 Choosing the Right Trader… 4 Financial Trading… 5 Forex Market…

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Forex Trading Disclaimer

2 Table of Contents Risk Disclaimer… 3 Introduction… 4 Choosing the Right Lender… 4 Financial Trading… 5 Forex… 6 Trading Strategies… 7 Developing Trading Strategies… 8 Managing Risk . .. 9 Adoption… 9 Waste of Time The End… 11

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3 Risk Warning: Forex trading is a practice and Forex trading carries high risks that may not be suitable for everyone. ofx recommends that before making any decisions regarding OloFx products, you ensure that you fully understand the risks involved. Independent advice should be sought where necessary. Legal Information: OloFx is a registered trademark of BELFX LIMITED, a limited liability company duly incorporated and existing under the laws of Belize, with registration number and authorization by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) of Belize with license number IFSC/60/260/ TS/13. Copyright 2013 by OloFx. All rights reserved.

4 Introduction Financial markets have always fascinated people due to their volatility and complex drivers. There are many articles and research studies that aim to model stock prices and attempt to identify market forecasting techniques. Over the years, many profitable strategies (such as buying small stocks and selling high stocks) have been discovered and more and more traders have started to use them, slowly disappearing and new ones emerging. Unlike science, where you cannot influence the results of an experiment, his view of financial markets is not the same because of speculation. For example, if someone sees that it has rained in December since 1980, they cannot change whether it will rain in December; otherwise, if a group of speculative traders notice that USDJPY has been rising every December since 1980, they could start buying USDJPY in advance and thus influence its price change in December of the following year. This is what makes marketing so powerful and exciting. A successful trader must constantly be on top of the markets, seeking to identify new trends while taking advantage of existing ones. This book will help you better understand the FOREX markets and provide you with the foundation to adopt the best trading strategy. This does not mean that trading money is easy. It takes a lot of information, research and resources to find all the strategies that will make your account top dollar. This is where we come in; we’ll provide you with reliable tools and equipment to help you build your entrepreneurial reputation and continue your education. Choosing the Right Broker As a trader, you have many brokers to choose from. As markets become more competitive, companies expand their reach to gain market share. It is important that your broker provides a solid spread and performance. Spread refers to the difference between the bid/ask price (the offer is always lower than the ask price because this is your broker’s compensation for giving you the money), while the strike is the discount you receive when using the market.

5 Fortunately, OloFx offers some of the most widespread on the market, with good and unique performance. This means that the buyer of the product is considered an organization that allows it to increase profit by maintaining a surplus and can exploit the marketing opportunity in the long run. There are 3 types of accounts as shown in the table below: Financial Market There are two main types of financial markets. These are primary and secondary markets. Primary markets do not go to the broker and involve the issue of securities by the issuer; which may involve the sale of bonds by a large investment bank selling the debt to selected investors on behalf of a client (which may be a government or corporation). An example of an initial public offering would be an IPO (initial public offering) of shares (such as Facebook).

6 The secondary market is a financial market in which previously issued securities (such as shares, bonds, rights, etc.) are traded between individuals or institutions. For example, a bank would buy shares from the primary market in an initial public offering (IPO) and sell them on a secondary market (such as the New York Stock Exchange) a year later. Another type of market is the over-the-counter (OTC) market. Although in the secondary market trading may be managed and conducted through an exchange, it is possible to sell securities between parties outside the exchange without supervision. OTC trading includes Forex spot trades, interest rate trades, credit default swaps and more. Making a profit through speculation does not depend on the type of market or instrument you are trading. When we clearly consider transaction costs, it is possible to make a profit on any type of trade in any instrument, provided that the trader sells at a higher price than he buys. However, some markets, such as Forex, offer low costs and payouts that allow traders to make profits after finding a price to enter and exit a trade. Forex Market Forex is the most liquid market in the world. and roughly $5 trillion every day, i.e. the market has grown steadily over the years and its volume doubled to $4 trillion a day between 2004 and Figure 1: Foreign exchange market volume (source: BIS)

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7 Due to the large number of people involved, the cost of foreign investment dropped to a very low level, which led to the entry of small entrepreneurs into the market. Additionally, economic development and the amount of information provided on the Internet limit the possibility of market changes and the use of confidential information. This puts institutional investors and small investors on the same page and makes trading a fair game where everyone can benefit. Profitability is another attractive factor in the forex market. Due to the large market size (i.e. liquidity), Forex traders are able to offer their clients a greater advantage than other currencies or instruments. This allows the client to open up to a higher level of honesty. Of course, this can be a double-edged sword, as both winners and losers are exalted. Marketing Strategies There are two main types of marketing strategies; requirements and skills. This has little to do with how profitable a trader is. Refers to the type of information the calculator uses to identify edges. Fundamental analysis includes the interpretation of financial data, trend analysis and trend forecasting. For example, a value investor can show a company’s earnings, discount them to today’s value, and find the fair value of the stock. If the current price is lower than the estimated price, the seller will buy the stock and sell it as soon as the price is reached. Another example would be a trader selling EURUSD because EU GDP growth was lower than he or the analysts he followed thought. Technical analysis involves using time series to predict the future of a specific period or level. For example, a technical trader may buy EURUSD for the next hour if the previous three hours closed at a high level. Technical analysis is not limited to immediate predictions; you can use the NZDUSD hourly trend to predict crude oil futures. Often, investors use a combination of both, which allows them to get the most out of each other without implying that isolation cannot be successful. Since fundamentals influence stock prices, short-term investors focus on fundamentals, while long-term investors benefit from fundamentals. Basic marketing requires a smooth flow of information and constant updating, while technical marketing requires quantitative analysis and research to find it.

8 profitable trades that have been tested in the past and show that they are always profitable. Fortunately, OloFx provides constant updates on the latest markets to provide its clients with the most up-to-date information about the organization. Additionally, OloFx provides its clients with technical tools that allow them to identify and implement price action strategies. Developing a Sales Strategy Whether you want a basic, technical, or integrated marketing strategy, you need to familiarize yourself with certain settings and gradually, as you gain knowledge and profits, you can add more to your toolkit. However, finding a profitable setup requires precision and persistence. For example, if you want to trade an item, you need to create a trading plan that includes both entry and exit points. You can first try the system on a demo account and see if it has any limitations. If

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