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Forex4you Lừa đảo – 1. What is Forex4you? Forex4you is a Forex broker that offers online trading of currency pairs, CFDs on stocks as well as precious metals through the MT4 platform. 2. Types of trading accounts provided by Forex4you At Forex4you, you have the right to choose to trade on one or several different types of accounts, depending on your needs and capital resources. 4 types of trading accounts are offered on this Forex platform, including: 3. Forex4you Trading Products Forex4 offers its clients a product portfolio of over 120 trading instruments. This number is very poor compared to the average level of brokers in the market. Although the types of products are different, the quantity of each type is very small.

4. Forex4you 4.1 Trading Platforms. MT4 software is the most famous and most used trading software in Forex today. MT4 has a simple, friendly and easy-to-use interface, ideal for new traders. Some of the key features of the MT4 software include:

Forex4you Lừa đảo

MT4 software can handle all the needs of traders, including basic transactions, so it is suitable for all segments of market investors. 4.2. The Forex4you platform is the broker’s exclusive trading platform for clients. Like MT4, Forex4you also includes 3 different versions: Forex4you Desktop, Forex4you Mobile App and Forex4you WebTrader. Some trading features on the Forex4you platform:

Trade4you Là Gì ? Đánh Giá Sàn Trade4you Có Lừa đảo Hay Không ?

4.3. Share4 You Trade Copy Platform This service allows you to copy successful trades. Because of this, traders quickly increase their profits to become “leaders”. Depending on his level of generosity, he may or may not share deals with other members. Share4you is an essential service that will help you differentiate your company from your competitors. It should be noted that the service is completely separate from the platform as a complete entity. Thanks to Share4you, experienced traders took advantage of the opportunity and quickly achieved success in the market. Share4you is really special for those who want to earn high profit without any transaction. Because you have to copy many transactions of other successful traders. That said, it’s a really great service at Forex4you. In particular, you will have the opportunity to close an order that is suitable for all transaction risks. 5. Advantages and disadvantages of Forex4you 5.1. superiority

Therefore, through this article, we have reviewed Forex4you in the most comprehensive way. If you have any questions, leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you very much!

Cloud Viet is a reputable data center service provider in Vietnam. By prioritizing customer interests and experiences to provide the best service possible. If you are a new trader, you are in the process of learning and trading, but you are still facing many challenges. Topic or experienced trader who wants to change his style and environment for his next investment plans. So what would be a good environment for you? Please see the article below for a detailed overview of the Forex4you platform. This will give you another name on your “list” and make it easier for you to choose a reputable forex floor. Let’s follow you!

Forex4 is known as E-Global Trading and Finance Group, which was founded in 2007. This is the birth of the first online trading service under the Forex4you brand.

Forex4you đa Cấp Là Có Thật? Chương Trình đối Tác Ib Lừa đảo? Mọi điều Cần Biết Về Forex4you

In the process of development, this broker has achieved many achievements in the industry, especially in 2013 Forex4you launched the Share4you social trading service, which allows anyone to participate in the financial market. It was one of the pioneering projects in the industry a year before the development of online social commerce. In 2016, the exchange continued to launch MarketPlace, a liquidity gathering tool and order execution technology. The software synthesizes prices from various liquidity providers and selects the best bid/ask price.

It did not stop there, Forex4you figures also talk about the incredible strength of this currency floor, the opening of 1.4 million trading accounts, 748 million orders executed, 14 years of experience in the market. Most recently, the total customer balance in the first quarter of 2021 reached USD 72 million, and trade turnover exceeded USD 68 billion in March 2021.

Is it worth considering for your next investment strategy? Let’s continue learning in the next parts!

With over 14 years history, Forex4 Are you a scam? To better understand this issue, let’s check the floor’s reputation and transparency through its operating license.

Sàn Forex4you Là Gì? Đánh Giá Sàn Forex4you Từ Chuyên Gia?

Electronic Global Trading and Finance Group is authorized and licensed in the British Virgin Islands by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) under the Securities and Investments Business Act, 2010.

So Forex4you is only granted one license, but unfortunately it is FSC and not ASIC, FCA or CySEC. It seems that this type of license does not have a high price in the market, the level of influence and the volume cannot protect the interests of traders as much as possible. Therefore, legally, Forex4 cannot compete with exchanges licensed by the world’s main financial regulatory bodies (ASIC, FCA or CySEC): Exness, IC Markets, XM, … If you know in advance about the powerful agencies mentioned above, you will get . Mechanisms, requirements and regulations are likely to be more stringent. Of course, the interests of traders will also be prioritized, and you can feel completely safe when trading on exchanges that have the above-mentioned reputable licenses. However, Forex4you probably has no guarantees in this regard, as it is only licensed by the FSC, so in case of problems or insolvency (bankruptcy), you will not receive compensation. Because this agency does not have a financial services compensation program for investors.

So will your confidence be shaken when you come across a broker that is not really reputable? Forex4 you are not a scam, the price of the license is not enough to ensure the rights of traders. If you have any questions about the terms of trade, please read the following sections to get the most convincing answer to your choice.

In fact, Forex4you offers a wide range of account types for all investors, especially new traders. In particular, the floor offers 4 types of accounts: Cent, Cent NDD, Classic and Pro STP. See the comparison chart below to better understand each account type:

Forex4you (fx4y) Là Gì? Đánh Giá Sàn Forex4you Chi Tiết

From this we can see that the terms of each account type are not that different, mainly in terms of spreads and commissions, trading volume and margin calls. However, if you still can’t see which account is right for you

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