Forex4you Review Forex Peace Army

Forex4you Review Forex Peace Army – We would like to talk about the Forex truck robot. It is another robot designed by Forex Store devs in 2020. This time is USD/CAD.

We are not sure because the robot is too small to be sure that it will not blow the account.

Forex4you Review Forex Peace Army

We have a Christmas sale. The robot costs $235 instead of $277. The package includes one license per account. We can change it as many times as we want. The package includes a detailed user manual and 24/7 support.

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From Forex Shop we know that there is an extraordinary money back guarantee. If we lose more than 35%, we can expect to get it.

We have a USD/CAD backtest on the H1 timeframe. The determination rate was 90.00%. The spread was tight – 3 pips. The first deposit was $5000. His total profit was $75k. The profit margin was 1.75. Purchase of high price of 23.42. EA closed 1609 deals. Winning short positions was 54%, winning long positions was 67%.

The EA runs a real USD account on FXOpen automatically without any leverage. It uses technical indicators from the MetaTrader 4 platform. The record of this account is verified. It was created on January 16, 2020 and is funded at $2000. Since then, the total profit is 299.58%. The average monthly return is 13.10%. The maximum purchase price is 23.08%. Four traders follow this account.

Forex truck closed 227 deals with 1860 pips. Average profit is 46.01 pips and average loss is 48.32 pips. The win rate is 60% for Longs and 58% for Shorts. The normal length of a trade is two days. The profit margin is 2.23.

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There is no high level of transparency as we cannot monitor the open market. Profiles and portfolios of developers are hidden, as is usually the case with Forex Store products.

The company does not have a profile on Forex Peace Army or TrustPilot. The seller refrains from advertising about the product on these pages. There is a site on the Forex Market, but there are no customer testimonials.

Forex trading has advantages and disadvantages. We have real account trading results and backtests, but at the same time the description doesn’t have a lot of intel that we need to know like strategy, setup, limit requirements. The fact that the EA that runs for a year has no proof is very alarming. The Swing VIP EA was launched as “The first Forex EA based on price action” strategy. It’s a lie because there are a lot of them on sites like MQL5 and Forex Store. The developers claim that the robot has high profitability and low cost. Let’s check if it is true in this Swing VIP EA review.

The system is based on a combination of almost all strategies that can be dangerous. The question should be asked: “Do you trust EA to run risky plans for you?”

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The robot is still sold for $98 instead of $250. The package includes one demo and real account trading. We can get compensation if it is not profitable. Alas, there is only a 14-day money-back guarantee. This time is not enough to check how everything is going and make sure it is a good product. Some offer 30-day returns.

The robot automatically runs a real USD account on FBS. The ratio is set at 1:1000. Works on the MetaTrader 4 platform. The account has a proven track record and guaranteed trading rights. It was created on January 14, 2020, and was funded by a total of $10664. Since then, the total profit has been +105.08%. The average monthly income is 8.75%. The decay rate is very high – 17.46%.

Swing VIP EA closed 847 trades with 8457 pips. The average profit is 25.67 pips over the average loss – 21.27 pips. The success rate is 66% for both sides. The normal length of a trade is one day. The profit margin is solid – 2.29.

The company has an average level of transparency. They reveal the results of trading with a large deposit account but hide the group and backtest reports.

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As we can see, according to them, customers are happy to use this software. Alas, there are no testimonials on Forex Peace Army and Trustpilot.

Swing VIP is a Hedge, Savings Grid, and Savings Martingale robot that runs four symbols on a properly deposited real account. It’s rare to see developers fund an account over $2000. Well done. The robot is cheap compared to any EA we have seen with results like this. However, do not forget that there are many dangerous plans on the board. If there are too many errors, the EA will take half a day for half the bill. The US dollar is seen from the high level of all the major currency pairs, but the market has not yet triggered anything.

The central banks of Australia and New Zealand did not change interest rates this week. AUD/USD and NZD/USD came under pressure.

US economic data exceeded trade forecasts and the US government’s success in averting a dollar-backed freeze earlier this week.

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The Euro is still under pressure due to today’s Fed interest rate announcement, but the outlook for EUR/USD going forward remains mixed.

PayPal Stablecoin combines the convenience of digital payments with the stability of traditional money. It could revolutionize the global digital payments industry in the US.

Manufacturing activity and business services in the US weakened in August 2023, weighing on the flow of the dollar in the forex market.

Exness challenges the Indonesian marketer to post an accurate forecast of the Gold price and Index by the end of August. USD300 is the prize for the winners.

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Successful entrepreneur and partner of Fullerton Markets, Kate Ketsuda was awarded as the top partner category for her success.

FBS has shown concern for more than 5,000 community neutrals in seven developing countries by donating more than $62,000 to charities. Forex Cyborg is a trading advisor that trades randomly on a real account. The presentation is short and uninformative. The devs emphasized that “the Forex Cyborg robot is one of the most innovative Forex trading tools on the market! Trade 18 currencies simultaneously on 15-minute charts. Let’s check if it’s true.

The seller doesn’t have the right level of transparency to assure us that everything is fine. We have not provided any information about the company. The same can be said about their trading experience, years of foundation and reputation.

The robot can be purchased for €499.99 for a single license. Three licenses will cost 599.99 €. The package includes an unlimited number of demo licenses, support, free updates and automatic sales. We can count on a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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The system was tested at M15 on the AUDUSD pair. The data is selected from 2010 to 2020. The quality of the sample was 99.90% with a variable distribution. The initial deposit was $10,000 which resulted in $2,194 in total income. The profit margin was 3.97. Forex Cyborg sold 544 orders with a 75% short win rate and a 72% long win rate.

It works on a real account with a short rate of 1:100 in MT4. The account has a verified record. Made on December 31, 2018, it was added to 12,552 € and withdrawn to 12,898 €. Since then, the total profit has been 414.86%. The average monthly income is 4.65%. The maximum purchase price is 24.57%. This report is followed by 35 people. It’s a good number. Therefore, the account can be popular among people.

Forex Cyborg sold 2365 trades with 5408 pips generated by the system. Average profit is 8.67 pips and average loss is 14.10 pips. Revenue is 72% for shorts and 71% for shorts. The average trade length is 10 hours and 33 minutes. The profit margin is 1.27. The best should be more than 1.6.

It sells 19 pairs of crosses as mentioned. GBPAUD is for others with 304 sales and 1786.65 €.

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The consultant has done insanely dangerous jobs. There is a 73.3% chance of losing 10%. Losing four orders in a row.

All right. The company runs a site about the Forex Peace Corps with one published review. There are no accounts linked.

Some written evidence. We can’t rely on it as no one has claimed the same thing for months.

Forex Cyborg is a trading advisor that works on a real account with crazy risks. The system has lost many months this year and cannot be treated as a stable and proper solution. FX Stabilizer is another robot powered by Forex Store. Usually these robots have the same type of display. This one is not alone. From the site we know it was created six years ago, in 2015. in this FX Stabilizer report you will know that it is good to work on a real account in 2021.

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According to their trading results, FX Stabilizer is not a scam, but a malicious software. It is entirely up to you whether you trust risky strategies to make a profit or not.

There are two packages: FX Stabilizer Prof for $739 and FXStabilizer Ultimate for $539. The Pro version allows trading in EURUSD, AUDUSD, EURJPY, USDJPY, USDCAD, CHFJPY, EURGBP, and GBPCHF. Last one

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