Technical Analysis Java

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Technical Analysis Java

NET Stock Indicators is a C# NuGet package that converts raw prices of stocks, commodities, forex or cryptocurrencies in the financial market into technical indicators and trading insights. You’ll need this basic data in the investment tools you build for algorithmic trading, technical analysis, machine learning, or visual charting.

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BOVESPA share fundamental analysis platform robot that generates a score for each share according to the criteria specified in the indices.

The largest C# stock indicator library with over 750 indicators to choose from and the easiest to use with options like creating indicators from any other indicator or using any moving average with any indicator.

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(Inventory no longer maintained) Java application to retrieve inventory data and inventory metrics from the Alpha Vantage API

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It is a web application that predicts stock prices for Indian stock markets (can be used for other stock markets as well) using fundamental and technical analysis.

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Trading strategy using indicators – MACD, RSI (Relative Strength Index) and Stochastic; Leverage real-time data capture from leading, free, trusted enterprise sources for critical financial applications through their API

PredictBay is an innovative project that aims to transform the decision-making process in the field of investment strategies through advanced forecasting. Our platform uses advanced machine learning algorithms to provide accurate stock forecasts from around the world.

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JavaScript / TypeScript / Python / C# / PHP API for cryptocurrency trading with support for more than 100 bitcoin / altcoin exchanges

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Algorithmic Trading and Quantitative Trading Open source platform for building trading robots (stock markets, forex, cryptocurrencies, bitcoins and options).

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Technical Analysis Indicators – Pandas TA is an easy-to-use Python 3 Pandas extension with over 130 indicators

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MlFinLab helps portfolio managers and traders who want to harness the power of machine learning by providing tools that are repeatable, interpretable and easy to use.

Free Open Source Crypto Trading Robot, Automated Bitcoin/Crypto Trading Software, Algorithmic Trading Robots. Build your crypto trading bot visually with integrated charting system, data mining, backtesting, paper trading and multi-server crypto bot deployment.

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Add a description, image, and links to your commerce theme page to help developers identify it more easily. Why build when you can buy? The all-new M4 Android app for Android phones and tablets features full Java source code with advanced real-time charting, award-winning technical analysis indicators, powerful linear studies, scalable trading system development, backtesting capabilities, and live message alerts. Multi-account portfolio monitoring, multi-asset order entry, real-time news feeds, and more. We’ve added a lot of features to M4 Android!

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It couldn’t be easier… Just edit the code to add a data feed and order entry API, add graphics, recompile your projects and submit your apps to the Google Play Store!

Apps built in native language are always faster than HTML5 apps. Despite all the recent improvements in JavaScript compilers, HTML5 applications cannot run as fast and efficiently as native applications with similar functionality. Google Play can reject apps for being too slow, which is more likely to happen with HTML5 apps than with fully native apps. That’s why we built M4 Android with our own Java code. The user interface is very responsive and intuitive. Check out the screenshots.

The M4 Android app uses the powerful server-side scripting language TradeScript™, which allows traders to create and test trading strategies without prior programming experience. With TradeScript, users can also receive alerts when a security’s price hits a new high, crosses a moving average, or drops a certain percentage. TradeScript can also scan the market and execute automated trades. With TradeScript, users can do all of these things and more from their Android phone or tablet.

Our TradeScript feature and flexible design set the app apart from other trading apps that we built to be customizable. This means you can get the source code, customize the app to your specifications, then compile the app and publish it to Google Play.

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Quality is evident throughout the program. When we designed M4 Android, we had the user experience in mind. The quality is evident in the app’s features and code, which is highly commented and incredibly easy to customize.

With M4 Android, you don’t have to worry about the risks, time and money involved in building a trading platform app from scratch. Modulus has been developing financial software for professional and quantitative traders, funds and banks for over 20 years. Take advantage of our experience with M4 Android.

M4 Android includes full Java source code, developer support, and source code updates. It integrates with SuperWebSocket Data Server to send and receive real-time market data and orders that can be anywhere. M4 Android comes with pre-integrated as the default real-time data provider. Any standard or custom data stream can be easily added, and M4 Android can also integrate with the MyExchange™ exchange engine to create a complete and comprehensive trading solution for Forex, Futures, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies or other markets.

M4 Android has multiple time frame charts, more than 80 technical analysis indicators, linear studies such as trend lines and Fibonacci studies, HLC, OHLC, candlestick, mountains, histogram and other types of charts, automated server trading capabilities via TradeScript and much more. .

Free Charting Library By Tradingview

M4 Android can be customized to work with any mediation or data feed. You can connect the data server to Barchart, eSignal, Interactive Brokers, MB Trading, TD Ameritrade, FXCM, GAIN Capital, Oanda or any other API. Each API integration requires minimal customization work, and Modulus can customize the app for you so you don’t have to lift a finger!

Because M4 Android is written in Java instead of HTML5, it can take full advantage of the Android operating system. Data loading, real-time graph display, command entry, signal processing, and other important functions take full advantage of the original Android programming design. M4 Android does not require any third-party plugins or libraries and, unlike HTML5, does not use JavaScript.

Most companies should prefer to buy rather than build: if you build your own product, there is an unacceptable risk. What if the end result is failure?

M4 saves thousands of hours of development time, which means faster time to market, lower costs and higher ROI. Your organization can have an app for sale in less than a week, and more than six months if building from scratch.

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The module offers comprehensive support for developers. Software developers receive extensive technical support, one-on-one setup and training via Skype and Teamviewer, continuous source code updates, and helpful advice throughout the life of the source code subscription.

Solution developers can also earn significant income with M4 Android by enrolling in the Modulus Value Added Reseller program.

We asked over 1,200 traders what charting features and technical indicators they wanted in StockChartX. There were many valuable feature requests, and we’ve included them all.

StockChartX features real-time, step-by-step charts with closed highs and lows, open highs and lows, 2D and 3D candlestick charts, and other price patterns.

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Traders can compile market data in real time; Enter buy, sell or exit codes; Embed text, trend lines, multiple indicators, overlay indicators (inclusion metrics); Display graphs with a semi-logarithmic or linear scale; Print charts. Save charts as images. Save/load charts as binary files and more.

M4 Android has over 80 popular technical indicators that can be customized with user-defined parameters.

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