Apakah Forex Judi Menurut Islam

Apakah Forex Judi Menurut Islam – Shariah forex trading system is currency or forex trading between two countries. Click here to learn more about Halal and Haram laws.

As you know, trading is one of the ways to make money quickly, through forex or forex trading. However, many people still doubt whether forex trading is halal or haram.

Apakah Forex Judi Menurut Islam

Today there is growing recognition that the Sharia law of currency trading is often unclear, which deters potential investors from entering the foreign exchange (foreign exchange) market. However, the use of foreign currency in everyday life is becoming more and more common, and the foreign exchange market is not only a place for speculation, but also a place for exchanging used money.

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It should be noted that the Shariah law view of forex trading activity is that investors should not question whether it is halal or haram. Before we learn more about Islamic forex trading laws, let’s first look at the discussion on Shariah forex trading summarized by the team below.

Forex is a very popular investment or trading method among investors and traders. However, a significant number of people are still hesitant to try it because the mechanism is considered to involve interest and is not in accordance with Sharia regulations. In fact, the profit and profit opportunities it offers are very attractive and promising.

To get around this, something called Sharia Forex investing was created that is available to Muslim traders. So what does sharia forex investment look like in Indonesia itself?

Shariah forex, also known as free exchange, is a trading method of conducting transactions that adopts Islamic Shariah laws. In Shariah forex investment activities, all transactions must not include or include any element of interest, gambling, manipulation, fraud, speculation, ambiguity and multiple transactions made on purpose. Yes.

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We can conclude that Sharia Forex is a permissible investment activity in some Islamic countries, because the regulations prohibit speculation about the outcome. The following transactions are permitted in Indonesia, subject to the laws of the Council of Indonesian Ulema (MUI): According to Islamic law, a foreign currency transaction can be declared halal if it does not contain the following three prohibited elements:

Although Islamic scholars and financial experts still have different opinions about futures and swap transactions, it can be concluded that these transactions can be considered halal if they meet the profit element.

At present, the principles of Sharia closely examine the practice of hedging and swapping, which has become a major necessity in this era of globalization. Some sharia banks that manage foreign exchange apply sharia principles in conducting foreign exchange transactions, avoiding the three prohibited factors.

Hedging done in futures contracts by the banks is no longer seen as speculation, but as a mechanism to reduce the guarantees caused by the volatility of the global foreign exchange market. On the other hand, exchange methods are also carried out by Sharia banks that use Sharia contracts such as:

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A clear contract in the practice of buying and selling ensures that neither party is harmed by the transaction taking place. Therefore, this transaction complies with the principles of Sharia.

Apart from this, the Indonesian state permits Sharia forex transactions in light of the Fatwa of the National Sharia Council No. 28/DSN-MUI/III/2002 on the purchase and sale of currency or the so-called al shaf. The content of the fatwa states that Sharia forex is an honest financial system and reliable Other instructions are as follows:

Furthermore, according to the MUI fatwa, the permitted buying and selling activities are SPOT transactions. Understand that there are actually four types of payments in this market. For better understanding, please refer to the following explanation:

Spot transactions are transactions in which foreign exchange value is paid and transferred between banks and completed within two business days. The funds can be transferred according to today’s value, according to tomorrow’s value, or according to the value at the time of delivery two days after the transaction (spot value). In Islam, this law Permissible (halal) because cash transactions and payment procedures are unavoidable in international transactions.

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A futures contract is the purchase or sale of a foreign currency, the value of which is determined now and runs from 2 x 24 hours to one year into the future. Transactions are made to protect the value or hedge against fluctuations in exchange rates, and are used by some traders for speculation. However, This law is haram because the price used is the guaranteed price (muwaada) and the delivery is made the next day. Unfortunately, the price at the time of delivery is not necessarily the same as the agreed price, except in unavoidable cases (Lil Hajr).

A swap is a transaction where a currency is bought and sold at a spot price and then sold back to another bank using a forward contract. This is usually done by banks to keep the exchange rate stable. Bank Indonesia can also perform a liquidity swap of up to 20% of the bank’s capital for the purpose of adding new funds. The financing usually comes from foreign loans. Apart from this, banks can also carry out investment swaps with customers who have funds abroad and are looking to invest in Indonesia.

Options trading is a contract that gives you the right to buy or sell a number of currency units at a predetermined price, period or expiration date without actually trading. However, options trading is considered haram because it involves an element of maisir (speculation).

As mentioned earlier, the Shariah forex investment activities in Indonesia are regulated by the MUI Fatwa on buying, selling or currency transactions, known as Al Shaaf. The fatwa also explains that forex trading and investment activities are permissible and permissible, provided they comply with several regulations. These instructions include:

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Based on the fatwa of the MUI, transactions that can be made with Shariah forex investments are also regulated, i.e. SPOT transactions. On the other hand, the prohibited transaction types are OPTION, SWAP and FORWARD transactions.

Foreign exchange is the activity of exchanging large amounts of money from one currency to another. This exchange is carried out according to the equivalent value of another currency adjusted to the market rate at the time of the transaction.

Initially, foreign currency was created for financial institutions, individuals and companies with business needs. This means that you have to exchange one currency for another in order to get the desired product.

For example, a US company can exchange US dollars for Japanese yen. This is for payment between for products ordered from Japan.

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However, forex trading involves a great deal of speculation about the direction of currency values. Forex traders also expect to profit from the price fluctuations of a particular currency.

When you look at how it works and the service requirements that must be met, it is actually not difficult to differentiate between traditional forex and sharia forex. For further clarification, below is a collection of policies in sharia forex that are not found in traditional forex:

Sharia Forex is designed to avoid additional fees and charges such as transaction fees and overnight fees. In trading activities, these costs are almost unnecessary. This is different from traditional forex, where almost all brokers and service providers charge a fixed fee to their clients.

By eliminating unnecessary costs and invoicing burdens, you can conduct Sharia forex investment activities in accordance with Sharia law or religious precepts. Because of this difference, a significant number of people believe that Sharia Forex investments are more profitable than traditional investments.

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Another difference is that Sharia Forex has no overnight interest, meaning it is swap-free. In regular forex, overnight interest is applied if a trader holds an investment or trading portfolio overnight beyond the time specified by the broker for a buy or sell transaction.

This swap or overnight rate applies to the traded currency pair. If a trader is in a short or long position and experiences this overnight, there is interest that the trader receives or pays according to a specific calculation that is usually updated weekly.

This interest regime is prohibited by Islamic law and therefore does not apply to Sharia law forex investments. The reason is that the application of interest and interest regimes is still prohibited in Sharia forex business, even if it is not prohibited by law or law. Therefore, traders should use special non-exchange accounts so that they do not have to worry about the risk of interest.

Forex traders must be able to learn all the important things related to this product. This can be done by training, attending courses, reading books or practicing with a demo account.

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Its purpose is for traders to perform a thorough and accurate analysis before executing a transaction. Therefore, FX investing is not just a matter of making buy and sell transactions without a basis for calculation, i.e. guesswork.

The reason is that if this were done, Shariah forex activities would not apply and would only be compared to gambling. Therefore, if you wish to continue with these financial activities, please ensure that your decisions to buy or sell currencies are based on clear and mature analysis, calculations and considerations to comply with Shariah provisions.

Using a Sharia forex trading system offers many advantages as the rules are closely aligned with Islamic religious law. For more information, please refer to the information below.

As the name suggests, Shariah Forex is a trading activity that complies with Islamic regulations. Apart from that, the following systems are also allowed by MUI, which are considered responsible activities:

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The main difference between Sharia Forex and other types of investment products is the non-exchange feature. Swap is overdue overnight interest in accordance with the provisions of the broker’s buying and selling principles. The following features generally apply to all currency pairs.

Based on its application of Islamic law, Forex Sharia prohibits usury and usury. Therefore, most traders add no-exchange options to their Shariah accounts.

Combined with interest prohibition, foreign exchange rates is a system that prohibits additional costs in the process. Therefore, most accounts do not involve additional commissions when trading.

Foreign Exchange (Forex) transactions based on MUI may be made based on analysis and analysis of the basis.

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