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Forex4you Penipu – Of the 117 blocked website domains, there are 33 website domains that offer forex investing by selling Smartkbot or Smartk Net89 forex trading software., JAKARTA – The Ministry of Trade through the Commodity Futures Supervisory Agency (Bappebti) has blocked 137 domains consisting of 117 websites, 12 Instagram accounts and 8 Facebook accounts in the field of Commodity Futures Trading (PBK). has permission from Bappebti.

Forex4you Penipu

During this blocking, Bappebti also discovered platforms that offer Forex investments by selling trading robots. Of the 117 blocked website domains, there are 33 website domains that offer forex investing by selling Smartkbot or Smartk Net89 forex trading software.

Cbi Broker Forex Teregulasi Terbaik, Dapatkan Cbi Pialang Lisensi Wikifx

“We have received complaints from the public about the online sale of investment currency offers in the forex market, the disappearance of trading bots run by Smartkbot or Smartk Net89,” CoFTRA chief Indrasari Visnu Vardhana said in an official statement on Thursday (20/5). /2021).

Based on Bappebti’s monitoring and observations, these sites offer forex investment by selling robot packages in cooperation with foreign futures brokers who do not have business licenses as Bappebti futures brokers.

Members are required to pay a certain amount of funds according to the proposed purchase package of the robot and deposit funds with a foreign futures broker, after which the robot will work automatically, without the need for direct analysis and opening of positions.

Robot packages offered usually consist of Starter, Trader, ProTrader, Executive Trader, Tycoon Trader, Supreme Trader or similar packages.

Jc Danjitak Membujuk Klien Untuk Menambah Dana Secara Terus Menerus. 2 Situs Web Ini Sama. Hindari Ditipu! Terutama Pria! Jitak Paparan Wikifx

In carrying out this activity, the perpetrators abused the legitimacy of the direct trade license (SIUPPL) issued by the Ministry of Trade.

SIUPPL is a business license for conducting direct sales activities, which is a system of selling certain items through a marketing network by direct sellers who work on commissions and/or bonuses based on the results of sales to non-retail consumers.

“Commodity trading involving futures contracts under the provisions of the law and/or services using the direct selling system is prohibited,” Indrasari continued.

Meanwhile, the head of the Office for Legislation and Enforcement, M. Siistas stressed that there are currently companies with SIUPPL permits that do not comply with the permit.

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Bappebti discovered that emails are offered. futures books or instructions on how to build trading robots and Expert Advisor (EA) software products that were offered to the public through direct sales systems, including Smartkbot or Smartk Net89.

“They use SIUPPL owned by PT Simbiotic Multitalenta Indonesia (SMI) and list it on their website. However, 2021 April 27 At the Investment Warning Working Group meeting, PT SMI President Commissioner Andreas Andrejanto stated that the official website belonging to PT SMI is only “If there is another location, it is not part of PT SMI,” Sajist said.

For this reason, the public is advised not to be tempted by the various promises of criminals, as there is also a risk of loss when trading with robots. In addition, the public is also requested to always watch out for offers with the promise of a bonus if successful in recruiting new members as downlines, as this term is unknown in the future.

“People are expected to always check the legitimacy of futures brokers and the reasonableness of the profits offered before deciding to invest in commodity futures.” “He also hopes that the public will not be tempted by promises of profits beyond reasonable limits and will first learn about the mechanisms of transactions, profits and losses,” Sajist concluded.

Wikifx: Bisnis Licik Dan Cara Yang Jauh Lebih Licik

In the latest attempts to block, Bappebti from 2021 month of January. blocked 409 website domain. The blocking was carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of Communications and Information.

Get detailed information on, which is processed in detail to navigate your business. Sign up to enjoy premium content articles JAKARTA, – The increasing number of cases of fake investment scams is worrying many people. Although the authorities have often eradicated it, fraudulent investments are still on the rise.

Recently, the Ministry of Commerce through the Commodity Futures Supervision Agency (Bappebti) in 2022 blocked 218 entities involved in Commodity Futures Contracts (CFCs) or fraudulent investments between January and March.

This blocking of fraudulent investments was done in cooperation with the Ministry of Communications and Information. Blocking includes fake website addresses of investment entities, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram account and AppStore application.

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Aldison, head of the Office of Legislation and Enforcement, stressed that any country that trades futures in Indonesia must have a CoFTRA permit. Also compliance with the provisions of laws and other legal acts in force in Indonesia.

“Although they claim to be legitimate from foreign regulators, they still need CoFTRA authorization to offer futures trading,” he said, as quoted on the Commerce Department’s official website.

Bappebti, as a regulatory body, cannot assist investors in mediation if there is a dispute between an investor and an unlicensed entity.

In addition, Bappebti cannot guarantee the management and financial integrity of the entity. The safety of funds deposited as investment capital cannot be guaranteed as they do not use a CoFTRA approved segregated account.

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“Before you decide to invest, first check the profile and legitimacy of business players in the PBK sector by visiting the official website of Bappebti at,” Aldison said.

These are 218 entities in the Commodity Futures Trading (CFT) or fraudulent investment sector that the government blocked in 2022. January-March, November. Be sure to always check the legitimacy of those looking to invest.

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Tk Pasaran Real Yang Sah, Perdagangan Syarat, Akaun, Kelebihan/keburukan

Your information will be used to verify your account when you need help or unusual activity is detected on your account. The irony of the financial market is that the regulations for this business sector already follow the rules and regulations that apply to the arms trade, which are very strict. And not only that, this business sector also has problems similar to what happens in the business of buying and selling weapons, which is that there are many illegal entities that are established and make money in the wet fields of this financial market.

Fraudulent brokers, scams from countries that claim to be able to refund the funds taken by the broker, high-profit investment programs or countries that offer trading training called “learn to make millions now”, and other schemes. which aim to exploit people’s natural weaknesses, where that natural weakness is the belief that someone is selling a tool with a “GET MORE MONEY” button.

The large number of frauds described above created a strong need for the public to have access to factual and balanced information about the parties involved in the financial markets. And WikiFX claims that they are one of the providers of real information about brokers in the financial market, when in fact they make money by blackmailing brokers and only advertising brokers who can afford to pay a lot to be on their rating list.

WikiFX perfectly illustrates the proverbial thief shouting “thief!” Unfortunately, their strategy was successful and many traders ended up relying on WikiFx’s list of broker ratings without thinking about what categories were used to provide the ratings and who backed the broker database they created.

Penarikan Dana Tidak Di Kirim Quotex Paparan Wikifx

Did you know that some of the most sadistic crimes in human history were committed in the name of kindness? From the First Crusade to the tragedy of the Holocaust. These tragedies have something in common, and that is that they always echo the arguments, concepts and reliable methods of the people trying to be protected.

Ask any trader, do forex brokers have to have third party rules? The answer is definitely yes, and with almost 100% probability, this answer is usually correct. KIC (Know Your Customer) procedures and unbiased third-party controls are really key to maintaining overall transparency in any business, especially in the financial sector. This is also what WikiFX uses to start promoting the services it offers and it cannot be denied. Starting something with an argument that the other person can’t refute is a good strategy for winning an argument.

“The length of time a broker has been active in the financial markets adds value to a broker’s credibility,” says WikiFX, and we certainly “agree.”

“Do you agree that the longer a company is in business, the better?” “Of course,” the traders would agree.

Baxia Markets Review, Tinjauan Forex Broker&trading Indonesia Wikifx

Mission completed. It is at this point that broker raters can add any criteria to their rating method. Traders will trust them because they have agreed in advance with the important criteria explained at the beginning. The rest are just small details.

But what if additional scoring methods aren’t just a piece of cake? What if these details were used as a means to manipulate the facts as much as the authors of these reviews wanted?

If we pay attention to the brokers on the WikiFX rating list, we will see that their rating criteria are as follows:

Looks good. That’s right. Whether we like this broker or not, this information seems to be well presented. Regulatory authorities are listed, there is information about software and licenses, and there is also information about how long the broker has been in business.

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Everything is visible here. Again, regardless of our opinion of this broker, it is actually very easy to find the information, licenses and software they use.

This broker is called “suspicious clone”? Are you serious? If the people at WikiFX really care and want to do proper research before marking it as “suspicious”, they should look for more information about the broker, because in fact the two domains used as a reason to mark this broker as clone are actually owned by the same entity. Both domains nijatrader com and ninjatraderbrokerage com are owned by the same entity, therefore

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