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Forex Analysis Pdf – Harmonic patterns are geometric chart patterns created using specific Fibonacci retracements and expansion ratios to identify trend trends in technical analysis trading.

This specimen was collected by H.M. Hartley is the first time in history. Harmonic chart patterns are popular because of the fixed Fibonacci ratio. Fibonacci is the best tool to use for technical analysis.

Forex Analysis Pdf

Each matching process is different, unique and likely to succeed. but the biggest challenge in business matching processes is to correctly identify these chart patterns.

Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes In Forex Trading

There are currently 9 harmonic patterns in the Harmonic Patterns for Market Forecasting cheat sheet.

Gartley is the most famous chart of harmonic patterns. This is a four wave continuation chart. This is mainly due to the price rising up to 78.6% of the Fibonacci level or the police or holding level.

The bat pattern is also a continuation pattern like the Gartley pattern. This is basically an extension of the formula AB=CD. It attaches to the diagram during the continuation of the change. Because of the rare occurrences of the price chart, it has a high probability of success because it only predicts the direction of change. So shopping is easy.

The butterfly is a four-wave reversal chart. It is usually done at the end of the previous shift. Because of the low volatility, the trailing stop loss in this model is difficult to place, but it offers a great risk-reward ratio.

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A bullish butterfly pattern forms at the bottom of the trend and a bullish pattern forms at the top of the trend.

The hybrid shark pattern is a stop-loss hunting pattern, which is why it’s called the shark pattern. Price breaks highs and lows to eliminate retail. Because big corporations don’t want retailers to make a profit. This method is used by the big sharks in the market.

The simplest matching pattern is the AB=CD pattern. It consists of two equal waves and represents a natural pattern. When this pattern is made, the price change takes place.

Crab and Deep Crab is a four-wave inversion chart. The main feature of this model is the main CD wave and deep frequency. Since this is an inverted chart, it offers a high risk to reward.

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As the name suggests, this is a 5-point matching chart. Unlike other harmonic patterns, the 5-0 pattern starts with “0”. This is a difficult chart, but it has a high probability of success. It creates the best trading strategy by trading supply and demand.

The 3-drive pattern consists of three consecutive waves that represent three pushes by market makers to break a certain level. This is a general compatibility diagram. It is mostly done at the end of the change.

We have attached images of the matching patterns in this PDF file, so you can use these images for review purposes only.

Because of the Fibonacci ratio, matching patterns have a high winning ratio. But you should always trade by combining these patterns to filter out good trades.

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It sets real-time zones that show where prices will be tested in the future. Twenty-four chart models are discussed in this text. Chart patterns are widely used by retail traders to predict prices through technical analysis.

In this article, you will find a brief description of each diagram. You can also learn about chart trading strategies by clicking learn more. At the end of the article, you will find a PDF download link of the charts for review purposes.

Figure Shapes – Triangle Shapes, Wedge Shapes, etc. natural value patterns that resemble the shape of natural objects as these patterns repeat over time in natural events. Traders use these recurring patterns to forecast the market.

Chart patterns consist of price waves or fluctuations in a candlestick chart, such as head and shoulders, double and triple top patterns.

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These two patterns are classified into many chart patterns based on the pattern and market pattern.

There are several recurring charts in technical analysis, but we will only explain the top 24 charts here. These models are likely to succeed.

A double band is a reversal chart that shows the formation of two peaks at a resistance level. The transformation process takes place after the neck is broken.

The neck is drawn using the last turn after two hills. The previous trend before the upper square pattern should be bullish and should form the end of the bullish trend.

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A double bottom is a reversal chart that shows the formation of two consecutive lows in a support zone. Reversal of strong change occurs after the neck is broken.

The neck is drawn at the last price after the bottom two prices in this pattern. The previous trend before the square bottom pattern should be soft and should form the end of the trend trend.

A high is a reversal chart where the price makes three highs in a row at the same resistance level. This is a basic chart style and is widely used by traders in technical analysis.

The neck is made after connecting the last two swings with the change line in this pattern. A break of the trend line confirms the above triple pattern.

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A triple bottom is a reversal chart where the price makes three consecutive lows at the same support level.

The neck is formed in the form of a triangle at the bottom after connecting the last two tops of the trend line. Breaking this trend line confirms the shift from laziness to boldness.

The head and shoulders is a reversal chart that consists of three price movements. The highest price swing is called a head, the other two waves to the left and right of the head are called shoulders. That’s why it’s called a head and shoulders pattern.

This is a recurring pattern and when it is done, a trend reversal occurs in the market.

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The inverted head and shoulders pattern is the opposite of this pattern and is a reverse pattern.

A cup and handle is a continuation chart pattern where the price forms a circular bottom with a handle at the end of the pattern.

This pattern can also act as a reverse pattern. It depends on where it forms during a bullish trend or where it starts at the end of a trend.

It is important to remember that there is a difference between a V-shaped wave and a round bottom wave. Rounded bottoms are rarely seen on price charts. So this model should be checked well.

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This is a reversal chart that shows three consecutive attempts by major traders to break or approach a certain critical level. After that, there will be a change in the market trend.

The 3-way chart pattern consists of three impulse waves and two reversal waves. All three numbers are Fibonacci numbers and have great importance in business. Therefore, all three types of drivers are natural phenomena.

The tool is a continuation chart with five waves ABCDE. It shows the continuation of the trend after a short break in the trend.

This chart pattern consists of two fast waves and three reversal waves. During a reversal wave, the market concentrated inward, indicating the indecisiveness of the market. After the indecisiveness, the trend continues as the price breaks the trend.

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A breakout pattern is a reversal chart in which the price structure resembles a breakout pattern. The groove has a wider outer part and a smaller outer part. This is also a natural pattern because it reflects the natural nature of the price.

It consists of two trend lines (upper and lower trend lines) and more than three waves within the trend lines. The amplitude of the wave decreases over time and after the trend line is broken, a trend reversal occurs in the market.

The teardrop model is classified into two types depending on the price structure or the formation of the bottom of the top

A rising candlestick indicates a trend trend, while a falling candlestick pattern shows a market trend reversal.

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A diamond pattern is a reversal and continuation pattern that forms a diamond pattern on a price chart. The two market patterns (expansion and internal integration) combine to form a diamond pattern.

The position of the diamond pattern determines whether it is a trend trend or a trend continuation pattern.

A trend reversal occurs when a diamond pattern appears at the top of the trend. On the other hand, if it starts from the bottom of the trend line, then the trend line trend is made.

A descending triangle is a continuation chart that forms a triangle-like shape with a vertical base and a vertical line to the left of the price.

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In this method, price patterns change so that each successive swing is smaller than the previous wave. A support zone is also visible at the bottom of the swing wave.

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