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Forex Bank London

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London trading accounts for around 35% of total average forex turnover*, the largest amount compared to its peers. The London forex session also overlaps with the New York session throughout the year.

The London forex market is open from 3:00 AM ET to 12:00 PM ET. The London forex market session sees the highest forex volume of any forex market session.

A slower market in Tokyo comes in the London session and as prices start to move away from UK-based liquidity providers, traders can see an increase in volatility across the board.

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As prices start to come in from London, the ‘Hourly Moving Average’ of many major currency pairs will often rise. Below is the EUR/USD analysis based on the time of day. Note how large these moves are on average after the Asian session closes (the Asian session closes at 3:00 AM, blue dot):

Support and resistance can be broken much more easily than during the Asian session (when volatility is generally lower).

These concepts are central to a trader’s approach when speculating in the London session, as traders can try to take advantage of this volatility through trading breaks. When trading breakouts, traders look for volatile movements that can continue for a long period of time.

An “overlap” is when the London and US sessions literally overlap (between 8:00 AM ET and 12:00 PM ET). These are the two largest markets in the world and during this four hour period, large and rapid movements can be seen in the overlap as large amounts of liquidity enter the market.

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As you can see in the image above, volatility peaks between 8:00 AM and 12:00 PM ET – when the London forex session overlaps with the New York forex session. To trade the overlap, traders can use a separate strategy that takes advantage of the increased volatility that occurred during the overlap.

The London forex session is one of the most liquid trading sessions. Due to the high volume of buying and selling, the major currency pairs can trade at very low ranges. Day traders who want to focus on short-term trading trend movements and look for breakouts may be interested in reducing the cost they pay in the spread.

There are no “best” forex pairs to trade during London forex market hours, but there are some forex pairs that reduce the spread due to high volume and allow traders to cover the cost of the spread more cheaply.

These currencies include major currency pairs such as EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD and USD/CHF. Major currency pairs trade in very high volume during the London forex session.

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Among the currency pairs most affected by overlap are EUR/USD , USD/JPY , GBP/USD due to interbank activities between the US and Europe/London. If your trading strategy is more suited to volatility, these are the trading pairs to watch because they are flooded with liquidity and move more on average during the overlap.

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Trading London breakouts during the London session using the London breakout strategy is much the same as trading any other part of the day, with the fact that traders can expect a flurry of liquidity and volatility at the opening.

When traders are looking for trade breakouts, they often look for specific support or resistance to plan their trades.

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The chart below shows a rising wedge pattern, a trend line that will break its resistance level – breakout.

The major advantage of this arrangement is risk management. Traders are able to keep stops relatively tight and have a stop loss near the trend line. If the support/trend line is broken, the losses are limited and if the strategy is valid, it can result in a positive risk-to-reward ratio.

Due to increased liquidity and increased volatility during the London session, breakouts are more likely to occur.

Remember that volatility and liquidity increase during open trading in London, so be careful and use the appropriate leverage when trading. If you are new to forex trading, download our Forex Trading Guide for Beginners to learn the basics.

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Like London forex trading, the New York and Asian forex sections have unique characteristics that forex traders should be aware of.

The content on this site does not solicit trading or opening an account with any brokerage or trading firm located in the United States.

By checking the box below, you confirm that you are not a resident of the United States. A demo account serves as a simulation account that traders can use to trade virtual currency in a live environment. Opening a demo account is completely free and you don’t have to invest a penny in the account, no matter how much you open, which company you use, or how long you use it. These accounts are one of the best ways for traders to test their practical skills without financial risk. Since demo accounts are completely free, many traders assume that there is no way to make money on them. The good news is that you can fully profit from trading on a demo account.

When it comes to leverage, you often see higher numbers being advertised, brokers trying to lure new traders and new webbers with the promise of sky-high leverage. In fact, the new level of leverage offered by brokers these days is around the 500:1 level, which was unheard of just a few years ago. However, some people still swear that they don’t use leverage, that they use a 1:1 leveraged account, which basically means you only use your own money and ours, no borrowing from the broker. This of course comes with certain advantages, advantages that we will explore in this article, so let’s jump in and see what are the advantages of trading with 1:1 leverage.

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In addition to currency pairs, exchanges also allow trading of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies can be bought and sold on the stock market through brokers. Cryptocurrency trading may be closely related to trading, but not stock trading. This is because crypto is traded in pairs, not individually. In this series, we analyze the trading costs incurred when trading cryptocurrencies paired with fiat currencies (eg USD).

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