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Forex Bank has been the Scandinavian market leader in foreign currencies since 1965. They are located at Västergatan 8 in the center of Växjö.

Forex Bank Oppettider

Public Transport Public transport in Vieques is bus. Most buses depart from, or pass through, the travel center (“resecentrum”). There is also a customer center attached to the travel center. For many years, city buses will not pass or stop at the travel center due to the construction and development of the area. City buses will go from Kronobergsgatan in Växjö instead. Tickets You can buy tickets in the following ways: – On the bus (with credit or cash. If you pay with cash, an additional fee will be charged). – Mobile ticket via the “Länstrafiken Kronoberg” app. Available on the App Store and Google Play. – Travel card (available as access card and temporary card). You can buy a travel card on the bus, in the customer center of Länstrafikens or in other sales outlets. Tourist tickets There is also a sightseeing ticket which is suitable for you as a tourist or temporary visitor who wishes to make several journeys by bus or train during your stay. The tourist ticket is valid for 24 or 72 hours for the traffic of the city of Växjö and the whole country. Visitor tickets for Växjö city traffic are available on the bus, at the customer center located in the Växjö Travel Center and at other sales outlets. You can buy visitor tickets for the whole country from the ticket machines in the train stations. Good to know – if there is space, you can bring a regular two-wheeled car by train and in regional traffic. – Bicycles are not allowed on city buses. – You can bring a stroller free of charge if there is space on the bus. The driver decides there is room. – You are not allowed to drink alcohol in buses, trains, waiting rooms or weather shelters. Click on the attached link for schedule and travel planning. Read more

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Bikes Bikes for rent If you want to rent a bike ) 73-55 36 158 / info(at) Bikes for rent – regular rental of bicycles, electric bikes and mountain bikes Hagadalsvägen 10A 352 46 Växjö +46 (0 ) 73-55 36 158-158 in PMSECBIC et. There are five bicycle pumps in Växjö city center – free for everyone to use. One is near Västerbron at the central station, one is at Vatttorget and one is at the corner of the speaker (cross between Storgatan/Bäckgatan). – The bicycle pump can also be used for strollers and wheelchairs. CYCLING MAP The Växjös cycling map contains various cycling tours, tips and regulations for cyclists. You can find it digitally by clicking on the link. Read more

By train you can easily reach Växjö. Växjö train station is located in the central part and is directly connected to the city center. From the city center you can continue your journey by bus. Malmö ≈ 2 hours Gothenburg ≈ 3 hours Stockholm ≈ 3, 5 hours Copenhagen/Copenhagen Airport ≈ 2, 5 hours Tickets At SJ you can book your train ticket – they list all available train journeys. Other railway companies in Sweden: – Snälltåget – Öresundståget – Krösatåget – Länstrafiken Kronoberg Note! You cannot buy a ticket on board the train. Good to know – Please note that you cannot buy a ticket on board the train, this applies to all distances operated by SJ and Öresundståg. If you are not sure, check with the train company. – Ticket machines for payment with the Länstrafiken travel card (valid in Oresundståg) and Swedish and international credit cards are available at Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup, and Hovedbanegården in Denmark. – Remember to check with each train company about what applies to their luggage and bicycle journeys. At Öresundståget you can bring your bike as long as there is space. There is room for a maximum of nine bicycles per train, in the lower floor section in the middle of the train. Buy a bicycle ticket at the ticket machine at the station. In SJ, you can bring a folding bike in a bike bag. – All Öresundståg have a well-functioning mobile connection installed, which allows you to surf your mobile network and talk on your mobile phone with the same functionality as outside the train. There is no Wi-Fi on Öresundståg. All SJ high speed trains have 4G for high speed connectivity. Read more

Växjö Småland Airport The airport is the main airport of Småland. From here you can get to Stockholm City Airport, Bromma, in less than an hour. There is a wide range of outdoor destinations for city life, sun and swimming, skiing and more. Destinations such as Crete, Zadar, Split, Alicante, Gdansk, Riga, Andorra, Rhodes, Tuzla, Skopje, London, Gran Canaria, Pristina, Belgrade, Cyprus and the Canary Islands. For more information about the airport and destinations visit From the airport: From the airport to the center of Växjö, you can get there quickly and easily by bus line 4, which it works 4 times an hour. It is 8 km from the center of Växjö. Train connections From other airports you can easily reach Vieques by train. Distance by train: Copenhagen/Kastrup: 2, 5 hours Gothenburg: 3 hours Malmö: 2 hours Stockholm: 3, 5 hours Read more

Parking There are two different parking areas in the central parts of Växjö. Zone 1 (marked in blue on the map): Free parking on Sundays and Saturdays after 12 AM. Otherwise 18 SEK per hour. Zone 2 (marked in green on the map): Free parking on Saturday and Sunday. Otherwise 10 SEK per hour. Always 1, 5 hours of free parking in the parking garage that is connected to the Affärshuset Tegnér mall (don’t forget to check the parking meter). Charge after 1, 5 hours. Click on the link to see the parking map. Read more

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TAXI Växjö Taxi Tel: +46 470 135 00 Sverigetaxi Tel: +46 771 999 999 TAXI AT VÄXJÖ CENTRAL STATION Most taxi companies are available here. Due to the renovation and development of the station area in Växjö, the taxis will be moved from the eastern part to the western part of Dronninggatan, near Västerbrunn where you can also find a temporary station. To pick up and drop off passengers from the car it is recommended by Södra Bantorget to do so at the World Trade Center and the Båtsmannen car park (marked as “P”, short term car park, on the map below). Note: Taxi fares are not regulated in Sweden; They can be very different. It is the customer’s responsibility to check prices in advance. Credit cards are readily accepted. Read more

Wi-Fi In central parts of Växjö you can find free Wi-Fi; – Växjö Turistinformation and Växjö Municipality at Norra Järnvägsgatan 7. Guest computer available. – InfoPoints (see Essential Information section under InfoPoint). Guest computer available. – City Center Library (Västra Esplanaden 7). Guest computer available. It is also common for coffee houses and restaurants to have free Wi-Fi. Read more

InfoPoint InfoPoint is a service point of easy access to tourist information – a “mini tourist center”. At InfoPoint you can get basic information and help with questions about tourism. Visit our Visitor Center for full service. There are eight InfoPoints in Växjö and most of them are open day and night. All have free Wi-Fi and guest computers. Elite Park Hotel Wester Esplanade 10-14, 351 06 Vixen. Elitstad Shotlet Kungsgatan 6, 352 31 Växjö. Evedals Camping L J Brandts väg 1, 352 63 Växjö. Ingelstadhuset Riksvägen 24, 360 44 Ingelstad. Quality Hotel Royal Corner Liedbergsgatan 11, 352 32 Växjö. Scandal Växjö Hejaregatan 19, 352 46 Växjö. Kalvsviks Lanthandel, Telebro, 355 96 Kalvsvik Toftastrand hotell & konditori, Lenhovdavägen 72, 352 71 Växjö Kulturparken Småland, Södra Järnvägsgatan 2, 352 29 Little Rockrey, 352 29 Little Rockrey, 523. Svenssons i Lammhult, Jönköpingsvägen 4, 363 44 Lammhult More Continue read

Map Map of Växjö municipality. Click on the link to view the digital map. The map can also be obtained from the tourist center of Växjö (Residenset, Stortorget, Växjö). Read more

Modus Finans: Låna 50 000 Snabbt Utan Säkerhet

Exchange Office Forex Bank has been the Scandinavian market leader in foreign currencies since 1965. They are located at Västergatan 8 in the center of Växjö. Read more

Post office “Posten” are no longer post offices in Sweden. Stamps are available for purchase from most kiosks, newsstands and convenience stores. Ask at the cash register. Read more

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