Forex News Euraud

Forex News Euraud – With EUR/USD prices approaching key demand areas and AUD/USD prices at resistance levels, we could see the AUD’s recent strength fade.

EURUSD prices are heading for major lows and we are seeing a sharp pullback from two weeks ago. The strength indicator highlights the Australian dollar as one of the strongest currencies but in reversal territory. This usually results in a reversal of strength in the currency pair.

Forex News Euraud

The price of EURUSD has fallen sharply recently after the market retested previous resistance levels. Usually, when prices move significantly in a certain direction, we see a sharp pullback, like what happened with this pair two weeks ago. This could happen again if the Australian dollar begins to weaken. Looking at the AUD/USD price, the market has reached a resistance level, which could indicate that the AUD/USD price may start to decline, thus creating a shorting opportunity for the Australian dollar. EURUSD is approaching a major support area and if the price finds a bullish reaction in this area by forming a reversal pattern, such as a double bottom pattern, we can start looking for long opportunities in line with a reversal.

Forex Chart Of The Day: Euraud Selling Pressure Remains

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Over the weekend, the US Congress passed a bill to keep the government open and avert a government shutdown.

China’s official manufacturing capacity PMI improved from 49.7 to 50.2 in September; The non-manufacturing PMI rose from 51.0 to 51.7

Australian Dollar Could Rebound A Bit; Aud/usd, Eur/aud, Gbp/aud Price Setups

Over the weekend, China’s Caixin Manufacturing and Services Purchasing Managers’ Index showed businesses were still expanding in September, but at a weaker level. Manufacturing PMI fell from 51.0 to 50.6 and Services PMI fell from 51.8 to 50.2

Confidence among Japan’s largest manufacturers rose from 5 to 9 in the third quarter; the non-manufacturing confidence index also rose slightly from 23 points to 27 points

Japan’s au Jibun Bank manufacturing PMI fell to 48.5 from 48.6; “Production conditions worsened faster in September”

Earlier today, the Swiss franc emerged as the king of the pip as the safe haven rallied at the start of the London trading session.

Market Updates: Euraud Berpeluang Naik Uji 1.6260

There were no major drivers for a higher Swiss franc, but Swiss retail sales and manufacturing PMI reports were stronger than previous data and better than market expectations, which may have helped.

It also didn’t hurt that the Eurozone PMI reports were strong, supporting the ECB’s hawkish stance and keeping interest rates/growth concerns high across the region.

The Swiss franc rose the most against the Australian and New Zealand dollars and the least against safe havens such as the US dollar and the Japanese yen.

Use our new currency heatmap to get a quick visual overview of price changes in the forex market! 🔥 🗺️ EUR/AUD: 15 minutes

Euro Outlook Improves On Bank Tax Clarity: Eur/usd, Eur/jpy, Eur/aud

In case you missed it, strong Eurozone PMI reports and subdued risk sentiment at the start of the new year helped push the Euro higher against major currencies.

This could be why EUR/AUD bounced off the 1.6325 support last week and is now trading near the 1.6470 R1 (1.6480) pivot level on the 15-minute time frame.

What makes today’s action interesting is that EUR/AUD has paused its gains near key September support areas.

Will the break lead to a rejection of EUR/AUD and a subsequent decline when the RBA announces its monetary policy decision?

Chart Art: Eur/aud Correction To Resistance Turned Support?

EUR/AUD is likely to reject current levels unless there are new catalysts pushing the euro higher in the next session. Ultimately, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) is likely to keep interest rates on hold as expected, but market participants also believe the central bank will remain hawkish until at least the end of the year.

A break below the current level in EUR/AUD, if not the previous low of 1.6330, could cause the pair to revise its interest zone at 1.6400.

And you? Do you think EUR/AUD will rise again? Or will the previous support level of 1.6470 become a resistance level this time?

Hello! I’m Pippo Forex Hippo! What do you call a farting hippo? Ripples of Fatima! 😂 Before we move on, ICYMI, yesterday’s watchlist looks at a possible reversal in USD/CHF ahead of lower reports from the US. Be sure to check if it’s still a good option!

Eur/aud: Prospects For Monetary Policies Of The Ecb And Rba Are Key

API: U.S. crude inventories rose 1.586 million barrels in the week ended Sept. 22, after falling 5.25 million barrels the week before

Rising fuel prices pushed Australia’s consumer price index up 4.9% year-on-year in August, in line with expectations for 5.2%, fueling speculation of a rate hike next month

China’s industrial output fell 11.7% year-on-year in August, slightly better than July’s 15.5% year-on-year decline, as government support measures helped stabilize parts of the economy

Germany’s GfK index of expectations declined from -25.6 to 26.5 in September; “Private consumption will not be able to make a positive contribution to the overall development of the economy this year.”

Forex Chart Of The Day: Euraud At Monthly Resistance

The gap between Italian and German 10-year bond yields – a measure of market sentiment in the euro zone’s most indebted country – hit its highest level since May ahead of Italian budget talks

Earlier today, the Australian dollar was boosted by a higher than expected CPI reading for August. It also doesn’t hurt that the People’s Bank of China has set USD/CNY benchmarks to support the yuan, and the country’s central bank has pledged to provide “stronger” policy support to the real economy and maintain a “healthy” real estate market.

However, risk aversion soon took over the market. Concerns about instability in China’s real estate sector limited risk-taking in the Asian session, while European traders were spooked by weak consumer surveys in France and Germany in early trade.

The Australian dollar hit a high on the release of the Australian Consumer Price Index (CPI) but also hit fresh intraday lows against all major currencies.

Australian Dollar Outlook Remains Bumpy: Aud/usd, Aud/jpy, Aud/cad, Eur/aud

Use our new currency heatmap to get a quick visual overview of price changes in the forex market! 🔥 🗺️ EUR/AUD: 15 minutes

The euro opened weak in London today as consumer surveys in both France and Germany came in weaker than expected.

EUR/AUD started higher in the US session yesterday, reaching an intraday high near 1.6580 before moving lower.

The pair is currently trading at a low psychological level of 1.6550, which is also close to yesterday’s high.

Market Updates: Euraud Berpeluang Turun Uji 1.5300

Aussie traders yet to price in a strong Australian inflation report could take advantage of the EUR weakness and pull EUR/AUD towards lower focus areas such as the 1.6525 mid-level or the 1.6510 pivot line.

However, the stochastic indicator has given an “oversold” signal and EUR/AUD may also find support from the current price.

If risk aversion accelerates in the coming sessions, the euro could live up to its “European safe haven” label and rise against the “risky” Australian dollar.

Barring the 1.6600 psychological level and R1 pivot line, risk aversion or weak Australian retail data could push EUR/AUD back to 1.6580 levels.

Forex Market Wrap: 5th November

Hello! I’m Pippo Forex Hippo! What do you call a farting hippo? Ripples of Fatima! 😂The Australian dollar got a bit of a boost thanks to gains in the Chinese property sector today.

Before I go any further, ICYMI, I’ve listed the possible economic stimulus you need to be aware of this week. Check them out before you make your first trade today!

Shares in China’s real estate sector rose on news that Country Garden Holdings was allowed to extend the payment terms of its domestic private placement bonds

New Zealand’s foreign trade index rose 0.4% quarter-on-quarter in the second quarter, compared with expectations for a flat reading after falling 1.5%

Euro Ahead Euro Area Cpi: Eur/usd, Eur/aud, Eur/jpy Price Setups

Australia’s ANZ job postings accelerated to 1.9% month-on-month growth in August from 0.7% in July, pointing to a better hiring outlook ahead

Germany’s trade surplus narrowed to 15.9 billion euros from 18.7 billion euros compared to a forecast of 17.6 billion euros in July, with exports down 0.9% month-on-month and imports up 1.4% month-on-month.

Swiss GDP showed that economic activity was flat in the second quarter, but growth is expected to be 0.1% quarter-on-quarter, after a 0.3% expansion

Trading looks a bit sluggish this week for most major currencies, with the exception of the Australian dollar.

Euraud To The Short Side

AUD bulls seem to have woken up on the right side of the bed after news over the weekend that China Country Garden Holdings has received approval to extend the payment terms of its onshore private bonds, temporarily preventing a default.

That was enough to boost Hong Kong-listed Chinese property shares, as well as other Asian market indexes.

Use our new currency heatmap to get a quick visual overview of price changes in the forex market! 🔥 🗺️ EUR/AUD: 15 minutes

The Australian dollar received a big boost from gains in Chinese assets, with the pair quickly falling below last week’s lows.

Forex Chart Of The Day: Euraud Reversal Pattern

On top of that, euro zone average data was again mostly lower as Germany’s trade balance reflected a slowdown

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