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Fx Apa Ya – Do you already know what Forex is? Otherwise, you can learn Forex trading for beginners here. Let’s start with an introduction to Forex. What is Forex (FX)? The basic concept of forex trading is the trading of foreign currencies with the aim of making a profit.

An example of currency trading is that when you buy the EUR/USD pair, it means that you are buying the EURO currency and at the same time selling the USD currency. If you want to learn forex trading as a beginner, this is the first thing you need to know.

Fx Apa Ya

What is Forex and how it works Forex is one of the tools that many traders choose for their transactions. So how does the contract itself work? Below, GIC will discuss methods along with other considerations. What is Forex and examples

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Some of you may think that forex trading is an activity related to the exchange of foreign currencies on the stock exchange. In fact, it is not wrong, but it is a common way to use exchange services or directly in the bank.

Forex trading as mentioned here is the activity of buying and selling currencies in the online interbank market for profit. Forex trading is not only for earning profit like trading and investing but it can be like professional workers.

Currency trading is done internationally not only by individuals, but also by many parties such as central banks, multinational corporations, as well as individuals with large assets such as George Soros. All of them come together in a market that we call the forex market.

Basic Steps to Learn Forex There are some basic steps that can help you learn Forex trading, as follows.

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Forex trading has various advantages over the stock market. Traders themselves get more income from buying and selling them through foreign currency. However, some people may also ask about the benefits of the stock market.

Although both are part of the financial market, investing in currencies and stocks are two different businesses. Forex trading is the trading of currencies where the business uses leverage to reduce capital at a higher cost.

Meanwhile, stock trading is more capital intensive than currency trading. In addition, stocks have trading hours from Monday to Friday, which are divided into two sessions. Meanwhile, in forex trading, the market is open 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday. And there are many trading platforms to help you.

Is forex halal? For those of you who are still confused about the rules of forex trading, you can read the explanation below. What is halal business? Any trading instrument is halal, be it currency, commodities, shares or other instruments. provided it does not contain elements of usury or abuse of other laws. Forex trading is considered a halal transaction, because the traded goods have a specific form and value, that is, currency transactions. Forex trading is also different from usury and is just a buying and selling transaction because forex itself is a currency transaction and not lending with the expectation of higher returns. Is it halal or haram?

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The transaction itself is basically similar to the buying and selling activity in general. When someone buys an asset and then sells it at a higher price, they later get the difference in value from the sale and make a profit. header

However, what a trader does on the Binomo platform is to guess whether the price will go up or down. That, this kind of thing can look more like a concept of gambling.

Is there currency trading in Saudi Arabia? Saudi Arabia’s position is clear that the law applicable to foreign exchange trading in Saudi Arabia prohibits any or all forms of foreign exchange trading. This law is not only the basis of Lajna law in Saudi Arabia. but also in a number of other countries of the Middle East region. Is Forex Trading Legal? Forex trading has become a legal form of investment in Indonesia. However, you should be careful about the broker who acts as your money to trade. The reason is that there are still many illegal brokers in Indonesia. Therefore, make sure to choose the right broker so that every transaction in it is transparent and safe. Are traders prohibited? As mentioned above, the transaction is halal on the condition that it does not contain elements of usury. Therefore, to become a trader, you also follow the rules of fair trading transactions. Also, be sure to check each transaction so that you know if the transaction is usurious or not. Is forex gambling? Of course, some of us are still confused about Forex trading. This time we will discuss with GIC how forex trading is based on Islamic law. Why is Forex banned? Forex is an honest activity. But when it has elements of riba, it can be said that currency is haram. The leveraged trading itself sets a high profit on each transaction. Meanwhile, in Forex, no profit is given to clients. Why not gamble Forex? If one has become a real forex trader, every buying and selling decision is made based on logical analysis and not based on random guesses. So, if the businessman himself is considered a gambler, it is not true. Not only forex, in fact any object can be used as a gambling tool, but it depends on each person who uses it. Is business permissible in Islam? Business transactions are permissible in Islam because there is no element of usury in the transaction as mentioned earlier. According to the National Shariah Council of the Council of Indonesian Ulama, which was written in Fatwa DSN No. 40 of MUI, regarding stock transactions, the halal or haram of transactions based on MUI and Islam can be seen from three main elements:

If these three elements are done according to the rules of Sharia or Islamic religious teachings, the transaction itself is halal and can be done. Is Octa FX gambling? OctaFX is one of the sites that offers forex investment under the guise of selling trading robots. This site is classified as an illegal broker and has been blocked by the Commodity Trading Monitoring Agency (BAPBT) since last year. What are some examples of gambling? There are different types of gambling itself. Like lottery, cockfighting or other animals, there is dice gambling, card gambling, gambling, football, even gambling under the title of investment. However, gambling under the title of investment is definitely investing without logical thinking and just guessing in every transaction. What is the difference between forex and binary? For Forex itself, the trading instrument is the value of the currency in one country relative to the value of the currency in another country. Meanwhile, for binary, it does not actually trade currencies like forex. Rather, one only needs to predict the value of money, whether it will increase or decrease in value. Trade currencies

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In fact, there are many currencies in the forex trading market, but there are 8 major currencies that are widely traded and are the ones that drive the economy with significant price fluctuations around the world.

The currency code consists of 3 letters, the first 2 letters are the abbreviation of the country and the third letter is the abbreviation of the country’s currency. Any price movement of the aforementioned currencies is always monitored by traders.

The size of the contract or the value of the contract is a standard contract, if we want to do regular operations, that is, 100,000 currency units. Meanwhile, leverage can be defined as money lent by brokers to traders so that traders have more buying power.

So, to complete a transaction worth €100,000, you only need to spend $200 using leverage. As a novice trader, do you understand this?

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Basically, the forex market is where sellers and buyers or what are known as currency traders meet and the currency is known as their trading commodity. Any market entity can act as a buyer and seller.

Where market players include multinational banks, central banks, large corporations, governments of each country, financial institutions, speculators, etc. One of the things that beginner traders should know when learning to trade Forex is the opening hours of the market. The forex market is open 24 hours from Monday to Friday, which is divided into 3 trading sessions:

These three market sessions keep trading open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. You can trade anytime and anywhere.

In trading, forex trading has a very simple principle, i.e. profit from the difference between buying and selling prices, buying at a low price and at a high price (and vice versa).

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For example, we will use the currency EUR/USD. The euro is now at 1.13000. Over the next few hours, the euro gained 10 points to 1.13100. Where an increase of 1 point is worth $10, after 1.13000 to 1.13100, the profit made is 10 points x $10 = $100.

Having great profits does not mean that foreign exchange trading is without risk.

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