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Fx Factory Windows – Noise Industries recently invited me to review their FX Factory Pro visual effects suite for Final Cut Pro X. For me, it’s an easy yes, since I bought the $399 library last year and have been using it in most of my projects. are in one way or another. since. Full disclosure: I received a review license prior to posting this review, but I have already purchased the suite, so I am not compensated in any way for sharing my experience.

First, a few clarifications: When you install FxFactory Pro, you’re actually installing two things: a tool like Apple’s App Store, where you can access other developers’ plugins within an app, and a set of plugins with the same name, FxFactory Pro. .

Fx Factory Windows

Installing FX Factory Pro is painless and quick. However, by default, not only the FxFactory Pro plugin, but all third-party plugins are installed – probably more than you want or need. Having more effects than you need not only clutters the interface, but I believe that it can also slow down your machine.

Factory Environment Collection In Environments

Update: Niclas from Noise Industries contacted me with this clarification: “If you have a lot of active effects, this generally won’t slow your car down.” It affects the time it takes for Final Cut Pro X to start after the effects are installed, because Final Cut Pro. Then these results are cached for the next time you start Final Cut Pro It will affect the speed of navigation effects simply because there are more of them, and manipulating a larger list is taxing. However, it does not affect the rendering speed, or the speed of Final Cut Pro X in general.

Fortunately, the FX Factory application makes it easy to manage which effects are installed. You can open the application at any time and choose which plugins you want to activate. You can add trial versions of plugins that you might also want to try.

For example, when I was getting ready to create the credits roll for our recently completed document, Beyond Naked, I started looking for a plugin to help format the text. I started my search on Google and ended it in my FxFactory application, already installed on my computer, where it was a snap to enable Rolling Credits, a SugarFX plugin. I ended up buying it and it saved me a lot of time creating the end credits for the movie, it looks great and offers tons of viewing options. But technically it’s not part of FX Factory Pro, so I’ll save a review of Rolling Credits for another post.

Since FXFactory Pro comes with 176 filters, generators, and transitions, you might be scratching your head when it comes to finding what you need. Or maybe you’re not even sure what you’re looking for. This is part of the fun of having an effects library: you can browse until you find something that catches your eye. But I don’t have the time or patience to do this for long. Here’s what you do:

Zigzag 3 Windows

Hover your mouse over the one you’re interested in and you’ll get a help link, and in some cases a video tutorial that shows you exactly how to use the tool.

FxFactory has done a fantastic job of showing you how to get the most out of this suite. You just need to know where to look. And in my experience, knowing is the difference between thinking about doing something and actually doing it. I highly recommend FxFactory Pro to help users get the most out of their suite.

Meanwhile, in Final Cut Pro Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Transitions are easy to overdo. But there are times when a clever transition can bring your edit to life. I found myself looking for a special way to open a promo video I just cut for the Seattle Interactive Conference (see below).

Factory Effex Fx Sponsor Sticker Sheet C 10 68004

I needed a way to enter the piece that was glitchy and electronic. This is a technology conference, after all. In FxFactory Pro I found Channel Switch, and it was perfect.

This transition, like most of this suite, offers many options for adjusting the appearance, timing, and other variables in the Inspector. There are also presets that can be accessed from the Viewer:

I used another transition in the SIC video called Slice. This one has a gritty, technical feel that suits my content nicely.

Earlier in this video for SIC, I wanted to briefly pixelate the entire screen to emphasize the point of the speaker. I found the perfect tool to achieve this among dozens of effects in the FxFactory Pro suite, called Pixelate.

Ghost Drums By Ghost Audio Factory

It does what it says on the tin and offers the ability to keyframe the application of the effect. So it was a piece of cake to make the pixels suddenly appear and disappear back to the normal display.

The reason I bought FxFactory is because of a great effect: light beams. It adds beautiful spots of light that spread from the light parts of your frame to the dark parts. It works best if you have an image like this, where you have a light source in the background and a dark frame in the foreground that contrasts with the light rays:

The shade is, as advertised, virtually free of stains. You have to play with your export quality and add streaming and reduce sharpness to call it. Timecode is an improvement over the generator that comes with FCPX, but ultimately it does the same thing: overlay timecode so you can, for example, have a conversation with another editor you’re working with and it can show directly in your place. will seek and find it.

There are two other major categories of generators included: PDF Animator and Slideshows. I tried the slideshow and it works great if you simply want to quickly put it on a large number of photos. It has a rather unusual quirk in the way it works: you put the generator in the timeline as if it were a clip, and then use the controls on the screen to select a folder of images. This violates the FCPX convention of storing all media in the Events Library, and while this may seem convenient, I think I’d rather go to the trouble of importing my photos into the Events Library so I don’t have to wonder if I have. all my media if I send a copy to another editor. You can still use it this way, but if you use this generator it would be easy to get the photos scattered across your system and on different hard drives.

New: 8 New Fxfactory Fxpacks Are Now Available

I think that any editor will find that having a solid library of effects, while rarely used, is as indispensable as having a mouse to match your keyboard. And FxFactory Pro, with its growing list of third-party plugins and support resources, is a great place to start. It features an extensive collection of visual effects plugins and applications designed for professional video editors. Plugins are available through support for Final Cut Pro, Motion, Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.

The application provides an elegant and practical way to browse our products. The Products window appears each time you start the application, or by selecting the Products command from the Window menu:

In the Products window you can browse the entire catalog of visual effects available in . Each product is summarized by title and current status:

The status gives you a quick overview of the product: whether it is free or commercial, licensed or pending registration, etc. Commercial products are still available in the trial version. You can easily buy them to unlock the full version. Products running in trial mode will appear with a watermark in the output.

Factory Effex Fx Sponsor Sticker Sheet B 10 68002

Click on the icon to discover more about this product. You can learn about the video applications it supports, the number of plugins included, and watch any demos or how-to videos available for this product.

A button next to the product icon indicates the sale price. This button is only available for commercial products running in trial mode. Click the button to start the purchase process and unlock all plugins and features of this product. When a commercial product is purchased, the video effects will no longer show a watermark in the output. If some features were previously limited or hidden in the trial version, they will become available when the full version is unlocked.

The box to the left of the product icon allows you to disable the product and prevent video applications from loading it on your system.

Some products may allow temporary changes in status. Others cannot be temporarily disabled and allow you to remove the product from your system when you try to disable the product.

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You can also disable all trial products on your system by selecting Disable

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