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Forex Emas Hari Ini – Today’s gold price, February 2, 2023, is IDR 1,042,000 per gram. The price has increased by IDR 13,000 since the transaction on Wednesday (02/01/2023). The price of Antam gold was IDR 1,029,000 per gram in Wednesday’s trading.

Currently the buying price is IDR 946,000 per gram This means that Antam will sell gold at IDR 946,000 per gram.

Forex Emas Hari Ini

Antam 0.5. Gold is sold in sizes from 1000 grams to 1000 grams As of 08:00 WIB, most sizes of Antam Gold are available

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For more complete information on today’s gold prices in Surabaya, Bandung, Medan and Semarang, please check today’s gold prices page.

Gold Price News Today February 2, 2023 Tip: Buy Down Range: 1940.00 – 1942.00 Target 1) 1948.00 Target 2) 1955.00 Stop Loss: 1934.00 Options: Hold/Follow if Break 1965.80 (March 24, 2022 High), sum Emotional target is closest | 1972, farthest 1998. Track/Track SELL if 1925.40 (FR 23.6% H1), nearest possible target 1918, farthest 1909. Afternoon/evening conditions may vary, check explanation and all information in this article. Articles in section H4! Read the explanation in the article first to understand the backup scenario!

A dip was seen in the Asian session and ahead of the FOMC decision, but support was strong enough to hold the low at 1920.40, right in our buy zone, and rise to the high of 1954.20.

Technically speaking, the long realistic body candlestick closes as a bullish candle and is sure to continue the next bullish trend.

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On the other hand, growth also managed to pass to 1948.90 (high on January 26, 2023) and 1949.90 (high on March 1, 2022). Barriers are now close to 1955 and 1965 levels

The Fed raised interest rates by 25 basis points as expected and has been on a rate-hiking path for some time.

There were several key points in his statement that the market saw as really humorous, but which the market saw as “not so humorous.”

This means it can also be interpreted as “less hawkish” as we explained in yesterday’s Option 3 for FOMC trades in yesterday’s article.

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Power says inflation remains high, so another hike (estimated at 25 basis points) is needed. It is too early for the Fed to take a “defensive” stance, he said.

Powell was humorous in his opening remarks and only then did Powell hint at deflation, explaining that “the process of deflation has begun”.

Markets took the signal that Powell wasn’t “too hawkish” to push the dollar lower along with rising U.S. Treasury yields and gold.

Powell also said during the question-and-answer session that if the Fed sees that inflation is actually falling too fast, the Fed will factor that into the bank’s monetary policy.

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Although the Fed outlook is unlikely to cut rates this year, the Fed is prepared to do so if inflation actually falls too quickly.

The market focus will not end there, as Powell’s statement at least suggests that the next policy will be “data-driven.”

Non-farm payrolls and CPI inflation are likely to be referenced again, so markets will focus this week on Friday’s employment data.

Tonight, the market will only see the weekly jobless claims data, which will increase slightly, and factory orders will also increase

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If the data is better than expected, the dollar will strengthen and gold has the potential to correct Conversely, if the data is weaker than expected, the dollar will weaken and gold has the potential to move higher.

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The 1948.90 and 1949.90 resistance levels, the January 26, 2023 and March 1, 2022 highs, respectively, were also breached.

And now it will face resistance at 1965.80, which is the 24 March 2022 high, and there is a chance to see 1998.20 (the 18 April 2022 high) as well.

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However, we are also aware of the possibility of a quick correction, as the NFP data over the weekend could be the source of a change in sentiment

H4: In the current Asian session at 09:08 WIB, the price is moving in the 1950/1956 zone. Prices rose very convincingly at the 1948/1949 resistance

And one thing that is quite surprising is the cut in the Fed’s interest rate decision during the release of ADP employment data at the start of the session in New York.

Additionally, Powell’s statement remaining in the 1919/1921 area, which we expect to be a buying zone, also indicates the strength of the long white candle from the previous rally.

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The uptrend now shows the 1965 area and the 1970 FE at 161.8% in the near future. FE 61.8% 1939.40 Be sure to correct the range

However, we believe that this decline is quite normal and we hope that it will not be too deep. A decline below 1925/1927 would trigger a deep correction of the later support of the 1918/1920 and 1909/1911 ranges.

H1: When we wrote the article, gold was at 1952.90, high at 1956.90, low at 1950.60 in the Asian session at 9.12 WIB. This is a continuation of the uptrend after Tuesday’s breakout

At that time, gold was able to reverse the situation from the pressure of the lower zone of 1900.70 until it continued to strengthen until it reached the resistance of 1923 to 1930.80.

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Yesterday’s decline or swing low was in line with our expectations, with a 38.2% FR in the 1920.60 area.

And the increase was immediately held at 0% FR 1933.00 The rise was even stronger when Powell’s statement was made at the Asian session around 1952.

The next expectation is the FE 61.8% H1 1940.30 area or the most limited decline or correction in the 1938/1941 range before it finally pulls back.

Possible targets for further increase would be 1965 and 1972 (FE 161.8% H1). Switch strategy to sell if there is a drop below 1925/1927!

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You should remember that since this area uses H1, you should pay attention to our note on the H4 chart for the evening!

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Irpan Supiandi, S. Market expert Since 2007, he has been involved in the world of forex and futures broker Pt. Acted as a representative of Agrodana Futures, which is authorized by BAPPEBTI and is a member of ICDX and JFX. He holds a degree from the Department of Chemical Engineering, UNPAR and has the ability to accurately and precisely analyze data.

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Currently the purchase price is IDR 819,000 per gram This means that Antam will sell gold at IDR 819,000 per gram. Antam gold prices are valid at the Antam Pulogadang office in East Jakarta.

Antam 0.5. Gold is sold in sizes from 1000 grams to 1000 grams As of 08:00 WIB, most sizes of Antam Gold are available

For more complete information on today’s gold prices in Surabaya, Bandung, Medan and Semarang, please check today’s gold prices page.

Gold Price News Today, September 5, 2022 Tip: Buy Down Range: 1706.00 – 1708.00 Target 1) 1714.00 Target 2) 1720.00 Stop Loss: 1700.00 Option: Sell 1717.80 (FR 0% H1) or sell if it fails to break the switch. / Watch SELL when it breaks below FR 61.8% H1 (1699.75) HOLD / Watch if it breaks FR 0% H1 (1717.80) in afternoon/evening conditions, check all the information in the article in the H4 section! Read the explanation in the article first to understand the backup scenario!

Data Inflasi Di Bawah Ekspektasi, Emas Unjuk Gigi

Gold managed to recover on Friday. In fact, the rally that started in the Asian session was able to continue into the evening following the release of the US NFP data

The low was at 1694.80 and lasted from the Asian session until the end of the session in New York. Meanwhile, the high was able to reach the 1717.80 level, which was touched in the evening and ended with a close at 1710.10.

Technically, the bullish candlestick closed the position, a white real body that was very long and stopped the previous day’s decline on Thursday.

It’s just that there is a chance to face nearby resistance in the 1717.90, 1726.95 and 1736.00 ranges (all based on the daily Fibonacci retracement chart).

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The US NFP data came in at 315,000, versus expectations of 300,000, which was slightly higher than forecast but well below last month’s 528,000. In fact, the data is still positive and points to good news for the economy

However, the dollar weakened moderately according to the data, with the focus on rising wages and rising unemployment rates.

However, rates are likely to remain at 75 basis points Gold was in a range of 1704 to 1712 at the time of this data release

Market focus on Friday is divided A few minutes of reaction to the data in the US, where it was recorded that the NFP remained higher, but unemployment and income managed to lower the dollar from the consensus, although the reactions between the data remain limited.

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Then came the twist when Russia announced a complete shutdown of the Nord Stream 1 pipeline and that it would not restart it at 20% of the expected flow.

Russia claims it is leaking oil from high-storage turbines. Gold continues to rise despite closing in the 1717.80 area

The US market is on holiday tonight, so market movement should be relatively light as the market closes early at 00:00 WIB.

However, we are aware of the geopolitical instability that could arise after Russia’s announcement, especially the energy crisis, which could worsen the situation in Europe.

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Thus, the range of movement in the Asian session could widen for the gold market until the evening before the close at 00:00 WIB

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